Sounds Like Summer – Day Ten: Gorillaz, B52s, First Class, Springsteen & Tommy Dorsey

It’s been interestingGorillaz looking at the choices across the last two weeks – some have leant more towards literal mentions of sun and summer (even in the artist’s name), others have just felt summery, yet more (some of Sindy and my choices) may be songs that we personally have a strong summer association with and this last choice from me falls very much into that category.
On my first trip to Hong Kong seven years ago this month I took the tram up to Victoria Peak to look out over the city. Flicking idly through my iPod menu I noticed I had a tune that I hadn’t played before  – actually called Hong Kong. So I played it, and again and again, looking out over the city.

Sounds Like SummerIt’s a little know Gorillaz track they donated to a War Child Charity record and also can be found on their D-Sides compilation.   In hindsight it can be seen as an advance messenger for Blur’s Magic Whip album.

It is, as I hope you will agree, exquisite,  floating along like a leaf in a gentle summer breeze.  So here’s my final sound of summer, Hong Kong by Gorillaz.

Over to Andy, Roy, Sindy, Anne & Gerard for their farewell choices…..

21 thoughts on “Sounds Like Summer – Day Ten: Gorillaz, B52s, First Class, Springsteen & Tommy Dorsey

  1. Never heard this before – really not sure what to make of it. We got about half-way up Victoria Peak and the clouds descended, couldn’t see a thing. ‘Cloudbusting’ would have been more appropriate for that particular trip.

  2. What a beautiful song. Your songfests have introduced me to so much music — thanks again! I’m going to have to bring up the mood some though, with what I have always thought was an All-American classic. Turns out the artists are true blue Brits so it’s a perfect culmination to my list! And a hilarious video….

    1. I know the song, but not who performed it. Presumably contemporaries of the Bay City Rollers ( did you have them in the States?). Intrigued that the lead singer is wearing a ZZ Top T-shirt…

  3. Final selection time and I’ve settled on this new wave nugget from 1979. This will always remind me of summer and comes from the first album I bought with my own money (previous to that just singles). The combination of sixties beehive-pop, garage and Surf rock, 50’s B-Movies and a Flintstones aesthetic was a winner with a teenage boy in the boonies. If that wasn’t enough, there was Cindy and Kate……

  4. Good call, don’t know why this wasn’t on my radar. Fantastic video – strangely I’ve not seen it before, but according to it only made 37 in 1979, so would not have been shown on TOTP and there was no MTV back then. Don’t they look young!

    Have you noticed that YouTube seems to have changed the way it works, so when a video stops it cues up another similar one – this went straight into Roam.

    1. Didn’t even know it had been re-issued – but apparently was a double-sided re-issue with the equally brilliant ‘Planet Claire’ which might explain it !

  5. My final selection is also the oldest of my ten. There are various versions of this, but this dates from the Big Band era of the 40’s. I particularly love the fact that the whole tune lasts just three-and-a-quarter minutes, and the singers don’t come in for the first two! Mr. Dorsey, we salute you…

    1. if either Sindy or Gerard post something from the 50s, we will have had nominations spanning eight different decades! It’s too late for me to post some Frank sadly.

      1. So here we are. My final choice. Never in doubt. Play it loads but always , without fail on 4th July. I always pretend he’s really singing Sindy. Of course he is, you cry!

      2. Sa(i)ndy was so close to being my number ten choice, so delighted you have chosen it. Arguably the song that the late Danny Federici is most prominent on. I thought every song Bruce sings is really about you?

  6. I had more than an inkling that Bruce would be included 😉 . So good that you have given us eight minutes worth too . Plus there’s something about the sound of an accordion I just love

  7. My late aunt who lived in the suburbs of Paris first introduced me to the music of jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt (who, after the fourth and fifth fingers of his left hand had been badly burned in an accident, just adapted his playing technique and continued).
    So, the sound of his music always reminds me of (mainly 1970s) family summer holidays in France, usually in Paris.
    Years later, I bought the cassette of his final (double) album, ‘Djangology’ where he was reunited with the violinist Stephane Grappelli. Although it was recorded in Rome in 1949, the recording was actually discovered in the late 1950s [ he’d died in 1953], when it was issued for the first time.
    Here’s a track from that album … ‘The Sheik of Araby’
    Django is playing with Stephane and the other members of the ‘Quintette du Hot Club de France’ (formed in 1934) for what is actually a 1937 recording

    1. So just a final thanks to everyone for taking part in this ten day extravaganza. We will be back at Christmas for the songs of the year countdown and I will be blogging from time to time in between. For our next themed list we have a few ideas batting around – film music, instrumentals, protest songs – keep the ideas coming.

      Finally, and for the record, some tracks I had up my sleeve in this game of musical Uno but did not need to play:

      Echo Beach – Martha & The Muffins
      LDN – Lily Allen
      The Year Of The Cat – Al Stewart
      Come Undone – Duran Duran
      California Soul – Marlena Shaw
      Always The Sun – Stranglers
      Heatwave – Martha Reeves & The Vandellas

      and lastly Sun Hits The Sky – Supergrass. The guys featured in the yellow banner every day but were just pipped at the post!

      1. My other ‘possibles’ included:
        One Summer Dream – ELO (track from 1975 album Face The Music)
        Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer – Nat King Cole
        Summertime – Sam Cooke
        School’s Out – Alice Cooper
        San Francisco – Scott Mackenzie

  8. Bubbling under I had: ‘Papua New Guinea’ by FSOL, ‘The Beach’ by New Order, ‘It’s a Fine Day’ by Opus III, ‘Summer Fun’ by Tijuana Panthers, ‘King of the Beach’ by Wavves, ‘Walking In The Sand’ by the Shangri-La’s and of course ‘Surfin’ Bird’ by The Trashmen

    1. For those who haven’t heard it, I do feel Surfin’ Bird deserves an outing. If this sounds strange now, just imagine how ‘out there’ it must have sounded in the straight-laced year of 1963!

  9. Love to get hold of a vinyl version of this ! ‘King of The Surf’ is also pretty teriffic. Like many at the time I had no idea that The Cramps version was a cover. A future blog theme ‘I had no idea it was a cover ‘ ? Another theme could be, as previously referred to, ‘songs I never liked at the time’.

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