Sounds Like Summer – Day nine: Faithless, Primal Scream, Donna Summer, Friends Again, Farmers Boys & Texas

Only two choices left – I had better not waste them!

Sounds Like SummerSun To meYesterday had a definite reggae theme to it and we seem to have covered most genres so far in our summer playlist, but no dance music that I can recall, so to add to the mix, here is Sun To Me by Faithless.

In many ways they are the creators of EDM – the problem is that despite half the chart still being based on the structure of Insomnia, no one has yet improved on the original formula. Meanwhile EDM ‘live’ seems to comprise of DJ’s bouncing around behind fake mixing desks, wheres Faiithless were arguably the greatest live dance act of all time. So don’t blame them for the blandness of EDM, just enjoy this performance from T in The Park in 2010.

Scroll down for today’s choices from Andy, Anne, Roy, Sindy & Gerard…


23 thoughts on “Sounds Like Summer – Day nine: Faithless, Primal Scream, Donna Summer, Friends Again, Farmers Boys & Texas

  1. This was on my list – completely agree with the EDM sentiments, possibly the most bland musical genre since Loungecore ! I did include the Orb earlier on in the list and have an indie/dance classic up my sleeve unless you beat me to it.

    1. I think I can guess what it is, I hope you do beat me to it as I have to pick from five for my final choice, but no conferring is allowed. In defense of loungecore it barely lasted a year and did not clog up the charts for the best part of a decade…

  2. Ok – you’ve forced my hand – absolute boanafide ‘Ibiza’ classic. Steered clear of a live version as Bobby’s vocals tend to ruin it !

    1. That’s the one! Sorted. I particularly like the extended 2-part version on the album. The live version at Olympia was actually pretty awesome, and come to think of it, it was the last gig I saw in that whole complex as it is now being demolished to make way for offices and luxury flats. Hey ho.

  3. Love Faithless! Never heard them before — thank you! And Primal Scream — excellent choice. I’m paying homage to the mother of EDM, the queen of disco herself, Miss Donna Summer. That’s right, Summer….

  4. Funnily enough this did flit through my mind when collating my list, but the relevance of the name of the singer did not occur to me! One of the five greatest records ever made. As you say, a record without which neither of the two tracks above would exist.

    1. Completely agree – amazing how innovative it still sounds – yet another track I only began to appreciate post-Punk (despite Lydon being a fan at the time)

  5. Decisions decisions …I’m hoping other intended summer specials are covered by the ‘sisterhood and brotherhood’. For me right now, I just couldn’t ignore this ‘live MTV 99’ version of Summer Son by Texas

    1. Yes, indeed! I also recall seeing Texas live on tv* and their set included a guest appearance by Maria (who was romantically linked with the guitarist around that time) whereby they performed her song, ‘A Good Heart’ (which Feargal Sharkey happily had a Number 1 hit with)

  6. Oh dear, Texas belong in the Coldplay/Mumford&Sons/Florence& the Machine bin in my world. However I feel love – just an excellent summer choice. It was on my long list. Still remember hearing it for the first time but pretending not to like it!! so my penultimate choice – an all time fave which i think I may have shared in a previous theme? here goes. no video though!

  7. Following on from the A Level discussion from yesterday, Roy may well have been listening to this in mid-August some 30+ years. ago A cover version, of course, and surprisingly I believe it’s the only Cliff Richard tune to feature thus far. Perhaps you’re all saving “Summer Holiday” for tomorrow?! For those unfamiliar the The Farmer’s Boys, this is the opening track of their “With These Hands” album, much-underrated by everyone, but not me! I love the singer’s voice, but sadly they never really had the success they should have. Featuring the bah-bah’s of local sheep, I give you Norfolk’s finest…

    1. I did have Me & The Farmer by The Housemartins on my shortlist, but this serves almost exactly the same role, with a near identical video. I do miss that style of dancing – gyrating on the spot whilst swinging your arms back and forth. It was just about the only form of dancing I ever mastered. As originated by Andy McCuskley and Suzanne and Cath from the Human League.

  8. Indeed from Glasgow. James Grant went on to form Love and Money – famous for tracks like Strange kind of love. Sunkissed, i thought was perfect for this collection. back in the day we would have made a mix tape of these songs!

    1. They’re a closeknit community these Glaswegians … Love and Money also included (Texas) drummer Stuart Kerr

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