Sounds Like Summer – Day Eight: Aswad, Bob Marley, The Cimarons, Sunpie Barnes, 10cc & The Jam

AswadSounds Like Summer

After three years of blogging on this site this could – I think – be the first medley to be posted.

To many people I guess Aswad are best known for their late 80s pop period, but when I was growing up in West London in the late seventies they, along with the Clash were the two ‘local’ cutting edge Westway bands mixing music and politics.

This is a live recording from their legendary 1983 appearance at the Notting Hill Carnival.  Roy was nominating Thin Lizzy’s Live & Dangerous as the greatest live album of all time last week. Well, Aswad’s Live & Direct would be my choice.

Although I never got to see The Clash live, I did see Aswad at least twice in their prime and their ability to create dub and scratch effects live was legendary. This medley mashes up dub, reggae and soca with a legendary horn section. Performing to a time limit, this is arguably the dub equivalent of Queen at Live Aid – just mash up all your best bits in a crowd-pleasing medley. Turn this up loud.

Over to Andy, Roy, Gerard, Sindy & Anne for their picks for today.

14 thoughts on “Sounds Like Summer – Day Eight: Aswad, Bob Marley, The Cimarons, Sunpie Barnes, 10cc & The Jam

  1. Following on from West London’s finest reggae act, to arguably, or almost certainly, THE finest reggae act. I’ve gone for the Funkstar de Luxe version, which I hope doesn’t offend anyone. If I haven’t then surely this accompanying video (and I use the term extremely loosely) will, featuring as it does, an awful lots of VW Campervans…and a few scantily clad women. My defence is that it’s very, very summery….

    1. OK I am now seriously freaked out. I know coincidences happen and we should take them in our stride as they statistically must occur occasionally, but…. this is definitely weird. The is the very first image in this video at 01 seconds:

      It is of Ocean Drive, Miami Beach

      I know this because on Saturday I started work on that exact same image as my latest oil painting ( just the sky and the buildings in place at the moment)

      ..and no I have never seen this video before, nor discussed my latest project with Andy. X-Files stuff.

    2. Great choices – I was beginning to wonder when the sound of summer, Reggae, would put in an appearance. So as not to upset the balance, here’s my Reggae/Ska contribution, which would have been my #1 if we were doing a countdown kind of thing:

    3. This remix takes me back to when it came out, i have got it on 12″ vinyl. Back to live albums, Live N Direct shares top stop with Steel Pulse Living Legacy 1999 Live album. The sound quality and mix on the record is top. The track list true militant like Steel Pulse always are. I love these Two Albums.

  2. In keeping with today’s theme but trying to stay stateside, I submit a sample of reggaes kissin’ Cajun cousin — zydeco. Here’s one of my favorite New Orlean Jazzfest bands: Sunpie Barnes and the Louisiana Sunspots — check out his bio, he used to play for the Kansas City Chiefs and is now a park ranger in New Orleans. I chose this video for the sheer hilarity of the kid dancing in front of the stage. Pure Hot Nawlins Summer!

  3. Go kid go! I am also intrigued by the girl who holds a clipboard up to the singer at around 2:39. Is it an instruction, latest sports scores or a lunch order I wonder?

  4. Continuing today’s theme but with a slight twist …ie. none of the band are black.
    Here’s their big single from the 1978 album ‘Bloody Tourists’ ( I recall Reds In My Bed being another catchy single off it ) – I give you 10cc’s Dreadlock Holiday, which Graham Gouldman has explained was inspired by sharing his holiday experiences in Barbados with Eric Stewart’s in Jamaica

  5. This is a track I’ve grown to love over the years – obviously in ’78 Punk militancy didn’t allow for such indulgence !

      1. Interestingly this was released in the same year as ‘Safe European Home’ by the Clash about their trip to Jamaica, which could be seen as very much a companion piece. To fit with today’s theme here as a bonus extra is The Magic Touch’s version from the fantastic compilation ‘The Clash Goes Jamaican’. Enjoy..

  6. sorry i’m going to break the theme of the day. as we are now down to our final few choices, these ones are the extra specials for me. I know I’ve already had a Weller track but……this song reminds me of those weeks waiting for our A level results!!

    1. When I saw the word Weller, I thought ‘Long Hot Summer’ was on the way, but Style Council seem completely beyond the pail nowadays. You will remember the results better than me – did we have to go in to get them like in U.S. high school dramas or did they just arrive in the post? It’s all a bit of a blur../

  7. Obviously a great track but The Jam have no associations with summer for me whatsoever – Style Council yes (unfortunately). No idea what I must have been listening to prior to my A level results- I’ve got a funny feeling it may well have been The Higsons and The Farmers Boys !

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