Sounds Like Summer – Day 7: Fun Lovin’ Criminals, Nina Simone, Bomba Estereo, Stevie Wonder & The Waterboys

flcSounds Like Summer

To get today underway I am going to run some Fun Lovin’ Criminals up the flag pole and see who salutes.

This is ‘Up On The Hill’ the lead track from their second, much mellower album, 100% Columbian.  I could have gone for the lead single, Love Unlimited, which has more of an urban feel, but decided that this had a more hazy feel to it.

When they did it live at Glastonbury in 98 the BBC understandably took the opportunity to show lots of hazy shots of Glasonbury Tor, which sticks in my mind (rather like Elbow’s post thunderstorm sunset performance last year).

Huey’s Saturday morning show on 6Music is essential listening and Gerard and I will be there next February to see FLC at the Shepherds Bush Odeon. Tickets still available.

Over to Gerard, Roy, Sindy, Anne and Andy for their picks for today.


12 thoughts on “Sounds Like Summer – Day 7: Fun Lovin’ Criminals, Nina Simone, Bomba Estereo, Stevie Wonder & The Waterboys

  1. Requesting another cameo entry from the states… The documentary “What Happened, Miss Simone?” has spawned this generation’s re-discovery of Nina Simone. You can catch it on Netflix. Thought you all would enjoy her version of Here Comes the Sun…. (never embedded a video before my apologies if it’s gobbledygook)

  2. Very odd seeing a slimmed down Huey with hair – so used to him resembling a billiard ball these days. Never cared much for this FLC track; always thought that their best default setting was ‘who you looking at/don’t mess with me’ although I do have a soft spot for ‘Love Unlimited’

  3. Have to disagree with you there. Much as I like the Sopranos/ in your face type stuff ( did they ever feature in Sopranos soundtracks? Probably not as they never amounted to a hill of beans in the States) I actually prefer loungecore FLC, particularly their Mimosa mini LP of cocktail music, notably this duet with Ian McCulloch, which I am sneaking in as a bonus track..

  4. What this summer themed blog post is clearly missing is Colombian Hip-hop/Reggae fusion. I’m sure Huey would approve !

    1. Can’t remember – it might have actually been from one of Huey’s shows or possibly from a programme related to the World Cup in Brazil last summer !

  5. For every Bomba Estereo, there is a Stevland Hardaway Morris. What I mean is, I’ve never heard of the former, and you may think you’ve never heard of the latter either. However, I can guarantee you will certainly know him by his stage name. In fact, this is from the prolific Mr Morris’ nineteenth (!) album, and the title alone deserves to be represented in any list of songs about summer. So, from “Hotter than July”, here’s Stevie…

  6. Great choice, this is shaping up to be my favourite day yet ( no pressure Sindy & Gerard). Unfortunately it would not take much effort to be hotter than July at the moment, in London anyway. I did have ‘Superstition’ on my long list, but this is far more appropriate.

  7. I’m sure I can create some kind of thematic link…..can’t imagine a summer’s day without this song playing very very loudly. An up to date performance but still quite brilliant.

    1. It does show how an element of summer is tied up in the ear of the beholder and presumably nostalgic associations, as my reaction is similar to yours about Dancing In The Moonlght. I like the song but don’t see personally the summer link myself. I think this was the album that has my favourite Waterboys song, A Bang On the Ear.

  8. Oh my … we’re running out of available days so, best I submit this now.
    Well, short and to the point … this one is self-explanatory … Dodgy and delightful

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