Sounds Like Summer – Day Six: Minnie Ripperton, Slowdive, Vampire Weekend, The Lotus Eaters and Lighthouse Family

minnie-ripertonSounds Like Summer

After a weekend respite to make the most of the endless rain and grey skies in the UK, we are back with day six of our seemingly ironically named ‘Sounds Like Summer’ which I am going to start by throwing into the ring for your consideration ‘Les Fleurs’ by Minnie Ripperton.

A flop at the time (1970), but possibly along with ‘Lovin You’ – As used by The Orb – her most enduring and influential track. Whilst the verses could be argued to be springlike, the chorus is a summer explosion of choral joy.

Music to watch raindrops run down a summer window.

Over to Gerard, Roy, Sindy and Andy for their picks for today.

17 thoughts on “Sounds Like Summer – Day Six: Minnie Ripperton, Slowdive, Vampire Weekend, The Lotus Eaters and Lighthouse Family

  1. I knew ‘Lovin You’ also from it being on one of those K-Tel music ‘explosion’ compilations I’d bought or had bought for me as a child …. ah the memories and the awe on first hearing Minnie’s incredibly high notes. I don’t recall hearing this before … what a (hidden) gem. Sounds like summer indeed …evoking summer of love and flowers [ in your hair 😉 or in your hand as per on the podium at the end of today’s final stage of the Tour De France ] Btw, if you hadn’t have said …on this song, I found it easy to confuse the singer as Kate Bush (who would have been about 10 at the time)

  2. I’d been pondering when to offer up this particular one … then I was randomly prompted on hearing a news item yesterday and picked up on the song’s title being mentioned by Barack Obama, no less, on his Kenyan visit when he said, “Africa is one of the fastest growing regions of the world …People are being lifted out of poverty.”
    So, here’s The Lighthouse Family ….

    I know he sings about April showers but the video proves the whole ‘summery’ feel to it …and after all, “it doesn’t really matter about the rain”

      1. Sindy! What, was this lifted from your selection too? If so, I’m trying to steer clear from other common ground too

  3. Moving swiftly on…. I could have picked one of half-a-dozen or so tracks by this lot (and Richard might). Nothing says summer quite like a dose of blissed out, classic shoegaze.

  4. Never really thought of Slowdive as summery, but this clip does indeed challenge that pre-conception. Brings back happy memories of that great gig we attended back in December at Kentish Town. I wonder if that is it or whether they may be working on some new material. I hope so. What their return did do was amplify the influence they have had. The so-called shoe-gaze movement was far from a cul-de-sac but a huge influence on artists like Blur, Foals and Arcade Fire. A legacy reclaimed.

    Most of this set seems to be on Youtube, so i will look forward to seeing it all this evening.

    1. Always been a ‘summery’ feel to Slowdive; ‘Catch The Breeze’, ‘Beach Song’, ‘Spanish Air’, ‘Waves’, Golden Hair’, ‘Morningrise’, ‘Shine’ – even ‘Souvlaki’ at a push ! They were incredibly good in December – a lot better than I remember, interviews at the time did hint at new stuff. They have also been a direct influence on new bands such as Beach House, Best Coast, Wavves, Tamaryn, Pinkshinyultrablast and many others. Also who can forget Coldplay playing homage throughout Vida La Vida and particularly ‘Yes/Chinese Sleep Song’.

  5. Suggested by a friend of mine, had totally forgotten about it. And managed to find a TOTP performance complete with the random dancers that had no connection with the song.

  6. Interesting that everyone seems to sing in this falsetto nowadays – Everything Everything, Django Django, so this track actually doesn’t seem as dated as it might have done a few years back when singers were growling rather than trilling.

  7. For many people, today marks the first full week of the summer holidays, and so with chilling logic, I give you this offering. Taken from the band’s second album, “Contra”, this demonstrates the punchy-pop string of their bow, but don’t be fooled into thinking this is all they have to offer. Now three albums into their career, it’ll be interesting to see where the wonderfully-named Ezra Koenig decides to take the band. Incidentally, this always goes down well with the younger element of my family when embarking on car journeys “up north” – the holiday starts here, kids!

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