Sounds Like Summer – Day Five: The Beloved, Roy Orbison, Bobby Goldsboro, Elbow & The Surfaris

220px-Beloved_BlissedSounds Like Summer

I’ll get day five underway with The Beloved.

However it’s not The Beloved you may have been expecting.  I played The Sun Rising to death at the time, but for me ‘It’s Alright’ is far more summery and reminds me of early 90s holidays.

This is the single version and the video works well – standing on the tube whilst dreaming of hot air balloons. However do also check out the extended version on Blissed Out, one of the best remixes ever in my humble opinion.

Summer haze
Find you woken up and it’s a brand new day
Time for back to basics in the old style way
Being bold, just growing old and dreaming away

They don’t make lyrics any more summery than that.

Scroll down to see entries to today’s playlist from Roy, Andy, Sindy & Gerard.


15 thoughts on “Sounds Like Summer – Day Five: The Beloved, Roy Orbison, Bobby Goldsboro, Elbow & The Surfaris

  1. You could have pretty much picked anything from ‘Blissed Out’ – complete laid back (Blissed Out even) vibe all the way through. I was going to throw ‘Sun Rising’ into the mix at some point but this will more than suffice as the Beloved’s contribution.

  2. Moving on from yesterday’s Beach-themed post, takes me logically to thee Sea, or more accurately the Surf. I could have conceivably come up with 10 instrumental Surf Rock submissions for this blog piece but instead I’ve settled on the daddy of them all, from 1963 ‘Wipe Out’ by the Surfaris, with appropriate 60’s US teens-on-beach footage to match (song starts about 0.40)

    1. Our first instrumental, I think. Isn’t there a version of this with a voice saying ‘Huhrrrhhhh! Wipeout!’ periodically or am I conflating it with another track?

      1. The vocal intro is only at the beginning – there are loads of versions of this but this is the original (and best) !

  3. ok I’ll post this now so you can spend the rest of the day making fun of me. In the days before Cougars and Ashley Madison websites probably.

    1. This works surprisingly well as a companion piece to my choice for Monday, but more than that I cannot say. The little keyboard riff ‘da – da-da- dahhh’ I remember well and surely should be sampled on some Belgian EDM track – assuming it hasn’t already.

      I had to google who Ashley Maddison was, so this process is also proving very educational.

    2. Sorry Sindy – can’t get beyond the haircut and polyester suit. Fortunately salvation was at hand in the shape of the first Ramones album, released in the same year.

      1. Shut your eyes though and it’s actually a pretty good tune. That is the curse of youtube. Same will apply to my next pick. Now debating whether just to post the lyric video instead. Anyway I have till Sunday to decide.

    3. further to the aforementioned apt comments .. It is a cracking tune and may I add … at least he can boast a hairstyle .. well, of sorts. Gotta love the matching coloured suit and guitar too. I’d forgotten what he looked like … shan’t forget now though!

  4. For today’s post, I’m going for, coincidentally, the first song I heard this morning. I may be at risk of repeating myself to regular readers of our end-of-year lists but when I think of summer, one of the things that comes to mind is Glastonbury. And when I think of Glastonbury, I think of the rain eventually clearing, the sun coming out and this lot playing a barn-storming pre-headline Friday night set. Just to add a new angle, this video is not from Glastonbury – it’s indoors, with the BBC Concert Orchestra, but you get the idea. Very wise, if the weather is anything like it is with me right now. Anyway, cue Guy throwing those curtains wide…

  5. Indeed, this is the first day since we started this playlist that the weather has been – to quote Roy’s choice, come to think of it – a Wipeout. Very gradually I have been reaching the conclusion that Elbow may well be the band of the millennium so far.

  6. Following on from Roy’s offering …and continuing the surfing theme: here’s
    ‘Windsurfer’ by The Big O from his stunning swansong Mystery Girl (which has notable collaborations with Messrs. Lynne, Costello and Petty, plus Bono & The Edge). The tone as always is dramatic – but it does include ‘Endless summer days …flying in the sun’ and his superb voice / singing style has such an uplifting warmth to it

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