Sounds Like Summer – Day Four: XTC, The Rattlers, Thin Lizzy, Isley Brothers & Curtis Mayfield


Given that we have no less than five regular contributors at the moment, I’m going to have to play the Lizzy card now, for fear of being gazumped later in the process.

Sounds Like Summer

So here to kick off the Day 4 playlist is Dancing In The Moonlight.  This has to be the ultimate summer bassline and actually inspired me to buy a bass guitar and then fail to learn how to play it. Or indeed anything else.

Apologies for the less than HD quality of this 240p video but it’s haziness does add to the feeling that, as Phil shouts towards the end, ‘it’s so goddam hot!’

If we were doing our nominations as a chart, this would be my Number One.

Scroll down to see entries to today’s playlist from Roy, Andy, Sindy & Gerard.


12 thoughts on “Sounds Like Summer – Day Four: XTC, The Rattlers, Thin Lizzy, Isley Brothers & Curtis Mayfield

  1. As much as I love Thin Lizzy (‘Live & Dangerous’ the best ‘live’ album of all time – discuss) they have never,even remotely,reminded me of summer. Plus this particular track is hard to listen to after Toploader’s butchering of the song – akin to Paul Young’s desecration of ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’.

      1. Debate is good…

        Firstly, In terms of the ‘summeryness’ of the song that is indeed entirely in the ears of the beholder, so fair comment. Some are more obvious, particularly if they have related lyrics ( e.g. tomorrow’s Beloved track) others may be just an association. The Lizzy track does finish with the repeated chorus ‘On this long hot summer night’ though, he said beating a retreat.

        However I do have to point to that the Toploader song you reference is NOT a butchering of the Lizzy song. It is an entirely different song with different music and lyrics. It just happens to share the same title ( like Atmosphere, shared by both Joy Division and Russ Abbott of course).

        The Toploader song is actually a cover version of a song by King Harvest from 1973. Perhaps you need to reclaim the Lizzy song if it has been obscured by the Toploader track. Here is exhibit A for your consideration, tell me I am not going mad:

    1. You are right different song – just shows how much attention I must have paid to it at the time ! Reference to Russ Abbot’s ‘Atmosphere’ is completely unnecessary; although chances are I steered clear of that as well, just in case it was a JD cover.

      1. I must have told you the story that when I first started in salaried employment I offered to do the staff disco – just as you and I had been doing DJing around London halls of residence. However I did not take account of the corresponding demographic shift in the audience. When the MD’s secretary requested I play ‘Atmosphere’ because the typing pool liked it, I did indeed play the Joy Division track as the last song. ‘ Oh what an atmosphere’ indeed. It was the last work disco I ever did. I shudder every time I hear the Russ Abbott song.

        BTW I had to chaperone my kid sister to a Paul Young concert at Hammersmith Odeon in 1983 and got to hear his attempt at Love Will Tear Us Apart live!!

  2. Someone who does very much remind me of summer is Mr Joey Ramone. Eschewing the obvious absolute classic ‘Rockaway Beach’ I’ve plumped for his guest appearance with his brother Mickey Leigh’s power pop outfit, The Rattlers, on this sublime slice of summer beach pop

  3. Oh dear, it’s all getting a bit opinionated! However, I’m hopefully on fairly safe ground (or should I say “lawn”) here. Featuring such summery things as cricket equipment and tennis racquets in the video, for those that know me, it will come as no surprise whatsoever that I’ve managed to wheedle in an XTC track into this list. I had a few options, but I decided to plump for this Colin Moulding song from the Todd-Rundgren-produced “Skylarking” album from 1986. I give you Swindon’s finest…

  4. I’m going to rein in my ‘Guilty Pleasures’ (at least) for my next offering to our summer musical picnic table:
    No video for this, simply keep it all in your mind . …
    The Isley Brothers’ version of this classic originally sung by Seals & Crofts is the one I recall from the ’70s ….

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