Sounds Like Summer – Day Three: The Barracudas, Crystal Fighters, Simple Minds & The Sundays

BarracudasSounds Like SummerTo kick off day 3, here’s the first of two selections from me that don’t have a video. Actually this does, but the ‘miming’ on their only TOTP performance is so excruciatingly and distractingly bad, I have opted just for the audio.

More importantly, this version does include the all-important introduction with the Plymouth Barracuda advert. The actually song itself  isn’t actually that much longer than Here Comes The Summer by The Undertones (see Day One), but the introduction is essential. After all,  your Plymouth dealer is a dealing man – yeah, yeah.

So here’s another one hit wonder: Summer Fun by the Barracudas. Well I say ‘hit’, does Number 37 in 1980 count as hit? I certainly bought it and I stand by that decision.

Scroll down to see additions to today’s playlist from Roy, Andy, Sindy & Gerard.

13 thoughts on “Sounds Like Summer – Day Three: The Barracudas, Crystal Fighters, Simple Minds & The Sundays

  1. Also from the 80’s, as suggested by the bracketed album title, comes my choice. Taken from their commercial breakthrough album, “New Gold Dream”, the two hit singles, and more familiar tunes were “Promised You A Miracle” and “Glittering Prize”. However, my summer selection is the album opener. The video is a live performance from the Pink Pop Festival, and features guitarist, Charlie Burchill’s infamous deep-knee bending, as well as singer Jim Kerr’s unique posturing, which would appear to go down very well amongst the Dutch music fans…

    1. Also on my shortlist. New Gold Dream is a pivotal album, either the last decent Simple Minds album for one group of fans or the first album for the stadium crowd. Listening to it again recently it seems less of a departure from Sons & Fascination than it did at the time, more that the production is bathed in a sunny glow that contrasts with the wintery feel of its predecessor. So I tend to think of the whole album very much as a summer album.

  2. ‘Summer Fun’ although nowhere near the Barracudas best song (‘I saw my death in a dream last night’ gets that vote) is still a ‘summer’ classic. Although the Simple Minds track mentions ‘summer’ in the title not sure its in the same bracket.

  3. Described on Wkipidea as an ‘electronic folk band’, Crystal Fighters are a London collective with Spanish influences and this slice of wonky indietronica was released in 2010, instantly becoming a summer favourite

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