Sounds Like Summer – Day Two: Len, The Kinks, Lovin’ Spoonful, Paul Weller, The Orb

LenSounds Like SummerHere’s our selections for day two in our summer series. I’ill kick things off with ‘Steal My Sunshine’,  a ‘one hit wonder’ from Canadian sibling duo ‘Len’.

It still gets the occasional play on 6 Music on a sunny day and to me it’s the summer equivalent of The Waitresses ‘Christmas Wrapping’ : very much of its time (reaching number 8 in 1999), but making perfect seasonal sense. The ‘p-pip, p-pip’ combined with a Steely Dan-ish keyboard riff does it every time.

Scroll down to see additions to today’s playlist from Roy, Andy, Sindy & Gerard.

Meanwhile today is Harkive Day 2015, a global research project in which people keep a record of what music they hear – Find out how you can take part over at the Harkive site

Back tomorrow…

13 thoughts on “Sounds Like Summer – Day Two: Len, The Kinks, Lovin’ Spoonful, Paul Weller, The Orb

  1. Loving all your choices so far!
    Here’s a further literal ‘spoonful of summer’ 😉
    Reminded of this classic thanks to the wonderful version (I can sense Richard nodding as I type) I felt honoured to have witnessed performed live by Eels …it’s another sound of the sixties that says it all really for us urban dwellers …
    Summer In The City by Lovin’ Spoonful

  2. Do love this – also a great version by the Butthole Surfers which I was going to include in my 10 but now won’t !

  3. Who would have thought Ricki Lee Jones talking about clouds would have become such an iconic ‘chillout’ track. I give you ‘Little Fluffy Clouds’ by The Orb.

  4. My choice follows neatly from clouds to sun. I can’t claim to be a Kinks fan as such, but that’s probably due to me being a little young when they were in their pomp (unlike the other 50-something contributors!). However, Ray Davies is clearly a fine songwriter, and his quintessential English observations have clearly had an influence on some of my very favourite artists – XTC and Blur spring to mind. An “obvious” (at least, to me!) song of summer, so I thought I’d unleash it early to avoid disappointment…

    1. You beat me to it! Whaddya mean … ‘unlike the other 50-something contributors’ ?! = mock indignation 🙂 … cough, the other contributors are ‘very early 50s’ … and this one was also a little too young to fully appreciate them in their pomp.
      I do recall seeing Mr Davies (for the first time) headline at Hyde Park a couple of summers back iirc … wonderful memories at the end of a sunny day

  5. …. so, the clouds have now gone and flying like a bird in the subsequent blue sky is someone who when I first heard her / this song I thought was Maria McKee going off in a completely new direction. I was not disappointed to quickly discover the voice belonged to Nelly Furtado instead. On the back of it, I did buy her debut album but this was the standout summery track: ‘I’m Like A Bird’ … Is this already 14/15 years ago?

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