Sounds Like Summer – Day One: Marvin Gaye, Undertones, Boo Radleys and BeachBoys.

Sounds Like SummerWhat's going onSo over the next 10 days we’re each going to be nominating our favourite summer songs – summery in feel, in lyrical content or just songs we reach for when the temperature rises.

Whilst things will undoubtedly get more esoteric and eclectic over the next fortnight. I am going to kick things off with a fairly obvious choice – ‘What’s Going On’ by Marvin Gaye. A glorious summer vibe and lyrics that are – worryingly – as relevant now as they were in 1971.   The video is fantastic as well.

Over to Roy, Andy & Sindy for their first choices below…  

10 thoughts on “Sounds Like Summer – Day One: Marvin Gaye, Undertones, Boo Radleys and BeachBoys.

  1. I suspect I’m going to be a bit more literal with my summer playlist choices ! Hopefully I’ll beat everybody else to it by posting this little new wave pop summer classic – will always reminds me of school finishing for the summer and a very appropriate place to start – ‘Here Comes The Summer’ by Derry’s finest :

  2. Like Roy, I’m probably going to be fairly literal as well with my choices – you have been warned! To kick things off, it’s those “oh so zany” (as John Peel once referred to them) Boo Radleys, with their most commercial, and I suspect, most successful release…

    1. Manna from heaven for 90s breakfast shows. The perfect answer to this song’s optimism would be The The’s ‘This Is The Day’: ‘Well I didn’t wake up this morning, cos I didn’t go to bed, I was watching the whites of my eyes turn red…’ Talking of Breakfast Shows, to coincide with our list Craig Charles is standing in for Sean Keavney and his sunnier disposition had led to one late entrant into my list….

  3. ok so here goes. I am going to start at the cliche end of the scale. Summer for me always means the Beach Boys. Having seen the quite brilliant film Love and Mercy at the weekend, it seems like it’s meant to be!. A lesser know track from Surf’s Up, very dreamy, lazy sunday afternoon feel. And a line about being In Cape Cod. which is where I wish i was now!

    (work firewall won’t let me access You Tube – so no idea if this will work – great start!!)

  4. It works just fine. Not heard it before – it has a nice end of day reflective feel to it. ‘Cape Cod’ is often referenced in American Culture, must find out where it is.

  5. Loving your lists as always! As a Stateside representative, I’m hoping that someone includes Sublime’s Doin’ Time on their Summer list. As for the Cape, it’s a bicep shaped peninsula an hour south of Boston — fantastic beaches or as the locals would say “wicked awesome.” Thanks again fellas!

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