2015 so far – 15 tracks you must hear



It’s been a while since I posted any music on the site, recovering from the 60 or so we put up in our review of 2014. However we are now almost exactly a quarter of the way through the year and with the clocks going forward last night, winter is over.  So to celebrate, here for your enjoyment, bemusement or derision are 15 of my favourite new tracks from the last three months.

‘The Ship’ by Black Rivers

Black Rivers are two-thirds of Doves and the ‘debut’ album is excellent:


‘Young Trouble’ by Sinkane

The recent single, ‘New Name’ is also well worth a listen.


‘Feed The Manta Ray’ by Slaves

Shouty pop perfection from Sacremento’s Slaves


‘Flutter’ by The Unthanks

Slowing things down with some English folk from the Unthanks:


‘There Are Too Many of Us’ by Blur

Lyrically and musically reminiscent of ‘The Universal’, the best of the three tracks that are promoting the imminent new album ‘The Magic Whip’


‘Come In The Water’ by The Barr Brothers

Possibly my most-played track of 2015 so far, from Montreal’s The Barr Brothers. Mellow.


‘Pedestrian at Best’ by Courtney Barnett

The first single from her kind-of debut album ‘ Sometimes I Sit and Think and Sometimes I Just Sit’, which I plan to listen to this afternoon.


‘Gagarin’ by Public Service Broadcasting.

The Race For Space ‘concept album’ is actually surprisingly moving. Let’s get back out there..


‘Animal Fear’ by Marika Hackman

Not sure what genre this is, folky? Does it matter?


‘Anna’ by Will Butler

A solo effort from the Arcade Fire multi-instrumentalist – extremely catchy and the album is a grower


‘Groove It Out’ by Lonelady

Otherwise known as Julia Ann Campbell, on WARP records:


‘Multi-love’ by Unknown Mortal Orchestra

An American Kiwi hybrid apparently:


‘Detroit’ by Gaz Coombes

From the album ‘Matador’ by the former Supergrass centre forward.


‘Huarache Lights’ by Hot Chip

Hot Chip always make mighty fine singles:


‘Distant Past’  by Everything Everything

..and finally ( I think that makes 15) a track with more hooks than a fishing shop. Insanely catchy:


8 thoughts on “2015 so far – 15 tracks you must hear

  1. I must say, I very much enjoy Richard’s “goodbye to the vernal equinox” selection each year, and long may it continue. Interestingly (well, at least I thought so), my own selections only contain two repeats, although I’ve chosen different songs from a further four artists. Of course, how many of these make it into the “end of year” festive 20 remains to be seen, but a fine musical start to 2015 I’m sure you’ll all agree. Hope you’re Good Friday is living up to its boastful name!

  2. No, no, I didn’t intend to include any of my selections, merely to hint at the similarities and differences likely to occur at the end of the year.

  3. Not heard the Blur track before but absolutely superb; really like the other 2 tracks as well – hope the album isn’t a let down. ‘The Ship’ is an immense track but was released as a single last yer – we all missed it ! Believe it or not Slaves are actually from Tunbridge Wells. The Lonelady track is a bit dull and not as good as some of her other stuff. Love Courtney Barnett, particularly when she does her Breeders/VU thing. Maria Hackman just seems identikit folkish girl with guitar – lots of it about at the moment and nothing as good as the haunting Unthanks track. I thought the Barr Brothers track was some sort of ‘lost’ 70’s west coast album track that 6 Music had unearthed – on listening to this, its more a poor imitation of Faces era-Rod Stewart. Hot Chip, Everything, Everything and PSB are all wonderfully propulsive. Shame about the PSB album.

    1. Serves me right for believing the Internet that the Slaves came from overseas. The Barr Brothers album is fantastic, but I am not surprised it is Not Your Thing. I like the gunshot effect on the Marika Hackman track- like the Unthanks it doesn’t seem particularly folky even though they are in that genre. Have you listened to the PSB album all the way through? It is very much a story album like the War Room and I now love it after initially being underwhelmed – Go! is a perfect second single.

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