Top Tracks of 2015 – The Number Ones – Eno & Hyde and a pair of Elbows



So far in this rundown we have seen this track performed at Glastonbury in front of a spectacular sunset, accompanying a video about CBGBs. Now, as my own favourite track of 2015, a more intimate live performance of ‘New York Morning’ by Elbow.

From an album that I initially found a bit underwhelming, but like all great things it grew on me and became a constant companion through the rest of the year.

So now it’s over to Roy and Andy for their ultimatel tracks of the year below. Meanwhile you can enjoy the whole countdown here.

We may be back with a themed list around Easter and then hopefully running through the blank canvas that is 2015.

Same time next year?


6 thoughts on “Top Tracks of 2015 – The Number Ones – Eno & Hyde and a pair of Elbows

  1. This could be a first – same band, different No ; Elbow ‘Charge’.
    Like Richard, I found the album to be patchy but this stood out immediately; by far the best thing they’ve recorded since ‘Fugitive Motel’ – the combination of Guy Garvey’s mini soap opera lyrics built on top of a single organ riff that swells into majestic orchestration puts this in a different league. The video also has added significance for me. When I was young we used to go and stay with my uncle and cousins in Manchester and would go to the original Bell Vue to watch the Speedway on a Friday night – this is in the early 70’s when there would be 20k -30k people there watching the likes of the great British world champion Peter Collins. Incredibly exciting for a boy from small-town North Wales.

    Until the same time next year…

    1. Definitely a first and a fine choice indeed. I don’t think the album is patchy, indeed it is my favourite album of the year. It’s just that certain tracks took longer to emerge from the pack. Intially Angels and My Sad Captains sermed fairly average but now I love them to bits. I guess the old adage applies: Always be suspicious of albums you love all the way through on first listen as you will probably soon tire of them.

  2. And for my number 1, a track that is…NOT by Elbow!

    “Well, well, well, well, well, well, well” – that’s how my favourite track of the year starts, and a bit like my number 3 choice, I’m not totally sure if it was actually a single or not (“Daddy’s Car” certainly was, but never mind, it came out this year, I love it and that’s all that matters!). So, it’s taken him 66 years to achieve it, plus he needed a little help from his friend – as his friend is Mr Hyde I guess you could refer to him as Dr Jekyll! He’s certainly been called many things in his 40+ years in the music industry – Godfather of Ambient, egg-headed boffin and so on, but he’s normally been aiding and abetting on some of my favourite artists, whether it be Bowie, Talking Heads, U2, even Coldplay, and Damon Albarn earlier this year. Therefore, I think it’s entirely appropriate that he should achieve the coveted accolade of my number 1. Well done, Brian Peter George St. John le Baptiste de la Salle, you deserve it! No wonder most people just call him Eno!

    Merry Christmas to my fellow contributors and anyone else who happens to be reading this, and I hope you enjoy my number 1…

    1. It was the other track that they did on Jools Holland and for me the other obvious standout track on the album. I think they also released a second album soon after, which I haven’t got round to yet. Looking forward to seeing Karl and Underworld at the Hammersmith Apollo next year.

      Happy Christmas indeed!

    2. Not really over familiar with this track Andy – but Karl Hyde and Brian Eno – what’s not to like !
      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you both and any fellow travellers on our whistelstop tour of the 2014 musical landscape.

  3. As a bonus extra I always like to post my favourite cover version of the year – in 2014, I give you Brighton garage, swamp combo, Wytches with an Ace of Base cover…

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