Top Tracks of 2014 – Number 2: James, The Villagers & The Black Keys



Well I was wondering about this one as it didn’t seem to qualify as a single, but then I came across this video on vevo, which seems to make it a late qualifier. From the immense ‘La Petite Mort’ album this is James with ‘Curse, Curse’. In a World Cup Year this seems appropriate, as I am not sure how many other songs reference the Copa Del Rey.

I would not classify myself as a massive James fan, indeed in true Alan Partridge style my favourite album of theirs up to now has been Greatest Hits, but do check the album out.

So just one more choice left. Will this be the first list in five years not to feature an Eels track? All will be revealed.

Scroll down for Andy & Roy’s choices, or check out 20 through to number 3 here



6 thoughts on “Top Tracks of 2014 – Number 2: James, The Villagers & The Black Keys

  1. There’s not been a whole host of Irish indie folk in our respective end-of-year lists but that’s all about to change with my runner-up choice. Following on from Richard’s World Cup reference, this was released just ahead of another major sporting and had the accompanying note “To whom it may concern, in the advent of the 2014 Olympics, please find enclosed a song written for you, your mother, your father and your gay brothers and sisters in Russia.” Guaranteed to irkPreseident Putin and his associates, I give you my number 2…

      1. A strange one this. It wasn’t in consideration for my list as I thought it was released last year. i was wrong and with only one position left for me it has been a sad victim of a technical oversight on my part. Great choice.

  2. I always found the redeeming features of James to be the t-shirts and Tim Booth’s LUFC allegiance. I also quite liked Hymn To A Village.

  3. My number 2 is the glam blues stomp machine that is The Black Keys – Andy has already posted the video for ‘Fever’ – this is from their excellent Glastonbury set

    1. Definitely one of the standout tracks of the year, in which a lot of the love seems to be going to two two-piece bands in particular. I do worry where all this band/instrument minimalism is going…..

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