Tracks of 2014 – Number 3- RDGLDGRN, Alt-J & Royal Blood



This came out in January and the fact that I still love it in December earns it the ‘coveted’ number three position in my rundown.

I am indebted to Roy for alerting me to this. RDGLDGRN (Red, Gold, Green) are a three piece from just outside DC and clearly hang in the right circles given the video is introduced by Dave Grohl and the song is co-written by Pharrell Williams. So here is ‘Doing The Most’…


6 thoughts on “Tracks of 2014 – Number 3- RDGLDGRN, Alt-J & Royal Blood

  1. Obviously love this – again another that was just outside my 20 – absolutely no idea why it wasn’t a huge hit – probably a penchant for wearing manu shirts didn’t help.

  2. My Top 3 have been interchangeable for a few weeks but after muchg internal wrangling, my number 3 is ‘Hunger Of The Pines’ by Alt-J.
    I haven’t really bought into the hype surrounding this band and can take or leave them, but this is quite brilliant – and here are words I thought I’d never write – made so by the inspired Miley Cyrus sample.

  3. There’s been a bit of discussion over the last couple of days about only tending to include tracks that have been released separately in our end-of-year lists, and like my fellow contributors, this is very much my modus operandi. However, for my number 3 selection, I am breaking my own rule and taking an “album” track. The album to which I refer had several (four, I believe) songs released from said album, and all of them were fine choices (in fact, I believe their debut single was chosen by Roy – apologies if I’m wrong about that!), but I’ve gone for the album opener as it just blew me away when I first heard it, and it continues to do so. Their live set at Glastonbury was, I think it’s fair to say, a revelation. Number 3…

  4. This is quite brilliant – ‘Little Monsters’ was the lead-off ‘single’. It’s really great to see a quality young Rock band having such a mainstream impact and if you look at the crowd, amongst an equally young audience. Brighton Rocks !

  5. Strangely this was the only track of theirs I did see at Glastonbury. Now I do think they are a fine band and thoroughly approve of their success, but can’t help feeling that to me they sound like Muse without the keyboards. Most specifically every song of theirs I have heard so far sounds like Stockholm Syndrome.

    ..or perhaps my ‘rock blindness’ is getting worse?

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