Top Tracks of 2014- Number 4s: The Bohicas, Interpol and, well, Interpol



At number four, here is Swarm by The Bohicas, a new four piece from Essex. I have always been a sucker for guitar riffs that sound like emergency alarms going off and this is in the tradition of Babylons Burning, Into The Valley and Sweet Water Pools.

Here’s a live video with an extra track on the end for some reason. After largely disparaging guitar rock in my countdown this is a straightforward example I’m willing to make an exception for. BTW,f you google it, BOHICA is an army acronym similar to SNAFU.


6 thoughts on “Top Tracks of 2014- Number 4s: The Bohicas, Interpol and, well, Interpol

  1. My number 4 is ‘My Desire’ by Interpol from the critically acclaimed ‘El Pintor’ album – their first since losing bassist Carlos Dengler. I pretty much love everything they’ve done but this particular track sends shivers down my spine every time I hear it. The guitar riff is very reminscent of ‘Brotherhood’ era New Order – maybe time that hugely underrated album is due a re-appraisal ?

  2. Here’s what I wrote about my number 4, just before I left the office yesterday in readiness for today…

    I’ve never actually bought a whole album of this lot, but, as anyone who is familiar with my end-of-year lists (i.e. me!) will testify, I do like their singles. This was released a couple of months ago as the taster from their anagrammatic (is that actually a word?) offering “El Pintor” and made a big impression on me. I wouldn’t say it’s anything radically different from what’s gone before, but it’s the combination of the guitars and the, almost desperate, nature of his vocals that really does it for me. I hope it does it for you too! Number 4…

    A case of great minds think alike or fools seldom differ, myself and Roy are definitely singing from the same hymn sheet!

  3. Definitely great minds thinking in sync Andy ! I think you and I picked ‘Reflector’ as number 1 last year Richard. Could it happen again ?

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