Tracks of the Year: Number 6s – Lamb, The Black Keys and I Break Horses



If I enter ‘Lamb’ into my iTunes library search feature, I get ‘The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway’, ‘The Leopard & the Lamb’ by John Grant, ‘Leg of Lamb’ by QOTSA and ‘Flamboyant’ by the Pet Shop Boys (think about it)..

But what I was searching for was Lamb the band, specifically their ‘comeback’ album ‘Backspace Unwind’ which I have been playing to death these last couple of months. Here is the lead single’ We Fall In Love’. In the absence of a video, there is a fan produced graphic animation and as an alternative –  if that makes your eyes go wibbly –  a live performance as well.

You can scroll down for Roy and Andy’s choices or catch up on the rundown so far here


7 thoughts on “Tracks of the Year: Number 6s – Lamb, The Black Keys and I Break Horses

  1. My number 6 is ‘Faith’ from I Break Horses – not as you might imagine a metalcore band from Yorkshire, but a Swedish duo who produce propulsive indie-electronica with a distinctive M83 meets MBV twist. If you haven’ already, I would thoroughly recommend having a listen to their latest album, ‘Chiaroscuro’.

  2. In a similar vein to my number 7 choice, the group that sits at number 6 have also been around for simply yonks, and only really started to make an impression on the public’s consciousness with their previous “El Camino” album in 2011. The follow-up, “Turn Blue”, yielded this catchy little blighter, which should not be confused with the Peggy Lee song of the same name! Number 6…

    1. ..or even The Cramps cover version !
      Love the album – they are in such a purple patch that you imagine that they knock out these nuggets before they have breakfast in the morning. Dave Grohl would bite his arm off to write a Rock song this infectious. Rubbish video though !

      1. Indeed, way too long to keep the visual pun going. This is a good single, but like Royal Blood I struggle to tell their songs apart. Perhaps I am suffering from ‘rock blindness’ at the moment.

  3. I’ll give you Royal Blood – they do have a very (purposefully) distinctive sound but this track is indicitive of the sixties soul/motown influence that infuses ‘Turn Blue’

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