Tracks of the Year: Number 7s – Lazaretto, Easy Money & New York Morning

Jack White


At number seven, the lead single from Jack White’s fine Lazaretto album. Earlier on we had another track from Roy (‘Would You Fight For My Love’), but for me this wins out because of the riff and the keyboard effects.

My experience with Mr White is that usually the first singles from his various projects are great, but the albums leave me a bit cold. Not so with this second album which my Spotify metadata  tells me is my fourth most played album of 2014.


Scroll down for Roy & Andy’s choices or catch up on the countdown here


6 thoughts on “Tracks of the Year: Number 7s – Lazaretto, Easy Money & New York Morning

  1. Here’s Johnny (again). My number 7, the greatest guitarist of his generation. Mr Johnny Marr. This is from an excellent live set he did for 6 Music.

  2. Of course, we’re not quite finished with 2014 yet, but one of the things I’m looking forward to in the early part of next year is seeing my number 7 choice play live for the very first time. There can surely be no finer sight than watching this lot play on Friday evening as the sun sets over Glastonbury Tor. Ok, so when I see them it’ll be indoors at Hammersmith but nay bother, as Guy Garvey might say himself. The fact that they’ve slowly worked their way up the divisions from Conference North, when “Asleep in the Back” first appeared in my 2001 top ten albums list, to the pinnacle of the Premier League, with “The Take Off and Landing of Everything” only adds to their appeal. Number 7…

    1. I think this set was just after Glastonbury was knocked out by a freak electrical storm which no doubt contributed to the sunset as well as the relief that they were able to perform after all. Sublime.

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