Tracks of the Year: Number 8s – Broken Bells, Little Dragon and a different Horrors



‘After The Disco’ by Broken Bells is going to be my number 8 for the year. A great slice of radio-friedly pop from an album full of 4 minute pop songs.

I think Brian Burton (aka Danger Mouse) has cropped up under different guises in my lists before, not least with the Gorillaz. I also thought about going for Perfect World the album opener, but here’s the title track.


Scroll down for Roy and Andy’s number 8 choices and catch up with the rundown so far here.

9 thoughts on “Tracks of the Year: Number 8s – Broken Bells, Little Dragon and a different Horrors

  1. Predictably, we are starting to get “repeat” artists, if not necessarily duplicate tracks as we hurtle towards our respective number ones. So, following on from Richard’s number 9 is my number 8. Same artist, different single, and one that is sure to please Roy, given his comments from yesterday! Number 8…

  2. Yes, I listened to the album on Spotify a couple of times, but other than our respective choices it didn’t really grab me – sorry Roy!

    1. While admittedly not as good as ‘Skying’ – its still a very good album and more diverse with the Simple Minds/Ultravox influence bolstered by more of a darkwave/dancefloor sound; in particular The Danse Society and The Beloved.

      1. I get where you’re coming from, but take this track as an example. It starts superbly – like a great missing track from Empires & Dance, but then after a minute or so you realise that’s it, it’s just going to keep in that groove for the next 5 minutes, as opposed to going anywhere. That’s my issue with the album as a whole. More cohesive than Skying, but less interesting as a result.

        Anyway I have a meeting of Eclectics Anonymous to get to. “My name is Richard and it has been eight weeks since I last listened to Roger Ruskin Spear”

  3. I quite like the fact that it isn’t going anywhere. Spookily I’ve just got off the ‘phone with a bloke called Roger from a company called Ruskins !

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