Tracks of the Year: Number 9s – The Horrors, The War On Drugs & Julian Casablancas

Now You Know


‘I See You’ by the Horrors is an epic mix of psychedelia, Simple Minds and Krautrock that strangely does not seem to have a designated video. There is a lyric video, but staring at a lava lamp is not a great way to spend seven minutes (see right) , so here is their performance in a tent at Reading.

I also liked ‘So Know You Know’, but for me the album did not live up to the promise of those two singles and was a bit relentless in my opinion.

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7 thoughts on “Tracks of the Year: Number 9s – The Horrors, The War On Drugs & Julian Casablancas

  1. My number 9 is War on Drugs ‘Under The Pressure’ from, according to critical consensus, the album of the year. This newer material shows a marked shift in sound from earlier Shoegaze/psychedelia/indie outings to a more widescreen, distinctly 80’s ‘American’ sound – with particular nods to Springsteen, Tom Petty & Bryan Adams. However this particular track transcends its influences by the 3 minute ambient/shoegaze outro on the album version.

  2. Two fine choices for all the reasons outlined – ’nuff said!

    Following on from my number 10 choice, something altogether more raucous. Once again, I have to thank 6 Music for bringing this to my attention. I must confess I have no idea who The Voidz are, but JC has been a regular feature in my end-of-year lists for the last 14 years, believe it or not. According to my historical spreadsheet (it’s true, I really do have one!) six entries with his full-time/part-time (delete as appropriate!) band, The Strokes, and once as a featured singer in the Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse single, “Little Girl”, just in case you were wondering! This is stop/start and tuneful/discordant in equal measure, but I’m a sucker for his voice and the guitars, and I hope you are too! Number 9…

  3. I’m also a sucker for Julian’s voice and have also been known to be partial to a good racket – so this works for me on both accounts. No idea why nobody has thought to mash-up The Fall and NIN before.

    1. Oh. I got all excited as i just got the words festive Julian and thought some Christmas Cope was imminent. But it is the other one. As Zathras would say, shaking his head in disappointment, ‘Not the One’ . I never got The Strokes I am afraid.

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