Tracks of the Year: Number 10s



So we are cruising into the top ten. The finishing line isn’t quite in sight, but with the help of ‘Racer Steven’ we are going to motor our way through number ten.

This is Happy Idiot by TV On The Radio, the lead track from their fine recent album ‘Seeds’. It features the genius that is  David Sitek, possibly my favourite producer at the moment (Foals, Kelis, Beady Eye, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Little Dragon etc). It also features a certain former Doctor Who star, but of course that hasn’t influenced my choice in any way. Well, not much anyway.

Scroll down for Andy and Roy’s choices or review the chart so far here.


9 thoughts on “Tracks of the Year: Number 10s

  1. Absolutely love this track – very much a ‘singles’ band for me – this is by several light years the best track on the album.

  2. Right, well I’m typing this as there’s nothing on telly to watch…unless you enjoy watching bad passing, no cutting edge and woeful refereeing decisions! So, my number 10 follows on from Richard’s number 11. The Blur frontman finally released his debut solo album, and has been rightly praised as being one of the best of the year. Like my colleague, I have several favourites including the title track of the Mercury-niminated “Everyday Robots”, but in the end I plumped for something a little more melancholy than “Mr Tembo”, thanks mainly to the beautiful string accompaniment, and hope it goes down slightly better with the Surbiton fratenity than that entry did! Number 11…

    1. I did see the score through a window whilst out for a stroll. As this is a music blog, suffice it to say that Liverpool’s difficult second album was always going to be tricky after the lead singer left. Frankie Goes to Hollywood without Holly Johnson. Come to think of it their second and last album was actually called Liverpool.

  3. Another of the highlights of the year for me was one of the most emotional gigs I’ve ever been to, Morrissey at the 02 earlier this month. At 55 his voice seems to have got richer and resonates even more than it did when I saw The Smiths; no more so than on this mesmerising track from the excellent ‘World Peace Is None of Your Business’ album. Sonically this is a part of the same family as ‘How Soon Is Now’ with harrowing lyrics about child abduction/abandonment.
    My number 10, Morrissey ‘Istanbul’

    1. I really like this, a definite return to form. I would be interested to understand when singing voices peak, having seen Phil Oakey recently sounding much stronger than in the 80s. Is it the voice getting deeper or just practice?

      1. People keep saying that when ageing the voice gets deeper and that singers lose their ability to reach high notes, but I disagree, by experience and by seeing other older singers. Good practice and a good lifestyle can help improve the vocal quality or keep it for those already gifted with a fantastic voice. My favorite singer, Emile Wandelmer, who is well into his 60s, still has the vocal abilities he had 30 years ago, at the peak of his success with the French band “Gold”.

      2. As you are an accomplished singer it’s good to get your confirmation that voices can indeed get better. I think there must be some barrier as apparently Sinatra’s voice did eventually go. Conversely Leonard Cohen still sounds great, but may be attempting less ‘acrobatics’

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