Tracks of the Year: Number 11s – Damon Albarn, Thurston Moore & Mogwai (again)



For your consideration, I offer my number 11 choice, Mr Tembo by Damon Albarn. I could have gone for any of the four or five tracks that were released ahead of the album or as singles, but this is my favourite, largely due to this performance on Later With Jools Holland.

I know it isn’t particularly representative of the largely introspective album that it sits on, but it’s an enjoyable track and only now do I realise there is a link to my last nomination as this is the story of an elephant that he met in Africa.

Scroll down for Andy & Roy’s choices or catch up on the whole list so far here.


8 thoughts on “Tracks of the Year: Number 11s – Damon Albarn, Thurston Moore & Mogwai (again)

  1. Yes, Mr Tembo always goes down well with my daughter when I’m playing it in the car, and appears destined to be the only song about elephants in this year’s list…unless the Toy Dolls re-released a thirty year anniversary of their number 4 hit.

    Anyway, my choice is another one that I first heard about 7 weeks ago, and another from someone who again used to feature heavily in the Festive Fifty. So, from “Teenage Exorcists” at number 12 I move on to the guy who gave us the tremendous “Teen-age Riot” at number 11. This is the title track of his album, which appears to have been very well received, although again it’ll probably take me the whole of the Christmas vacation before I get round to listening to it. Disappointingly lacking in a video, I’ve therefore opted for a live version, which as it stands has been seen by 2502 people – I don’t think “Happy” has got much to worry about it!

    Number 11…

  2. As the quality of the live version isn’t all that it might be, below is the straight audio version which tends to retain the subleties that are lost in the above version. Never let it be said that we don’t offer value for money here!

  3. Tried to post my number 11 from an ipad – but didn’t like it it all – not sure if that was a comment on my choice or not, but at number 11, I give you Andy’s number 12, Mogwai ‘Teenage Exporcists’ which definitely shares some DNA with Thurston’s old band. This is the new EP in full, if you are so inclined…

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