Tracks of the Year: Number 12s – Elephant, Royal Blood & Mogwai


Since my list has ((bizarrely) so far featured both the biggest selling track of the year and the Christmas Number one, perhaps it is now time to take a quick detour into indie land with only my second group thus far.

My next choice is a nice little video-less track from a band called Elephant. It’s called ‘Assembly’. I don’t know that much about them other than that they are an Anglo-French duo. I put this on a playlist earlier in the year and whenever it comes on I always think ‘this is nice, who is it’ and then look and am none the wiser. So that earns it the much coveted number 12 position, even if they couldn’t afford a video…

Scroll down for Andy & Roy’s choices or catch up on the its so far here.


5 thoughts on “Tracks of the Year: Number 12s – Elephant, Royal Blood & Mogwai

  1. Not surprisingly, I’ve never heard it, but having done so, it is, as you say, very pleasant indeed.

    Moving on from these young “wannabes”, my number 12 selection comes from a band that were a feature in the higher echelons of the Festive Fifties of the early noughties. However, unless my mind is playing tricks on me, this track represents a very different direction from the likes of “New Paths to Helicon Pt. 1” or “Hunted by a Freak”. Gone are the lengthy, guitar-based instrumentals and instead we have a much punchier, radio-friendly indie sound.

    Perhaps, in the intervening years since John Peel’s death I haven’t been exposed to what “the Moggers” have been up to and this is now standard fare, or perhaps, as they will be celebrating their 20th anniversary in 2015, they just fancied a change. I’m sure the more musically-educated amongst you will put me straight on this! Whatever, I’m all for it and I suspect that, had this been released earlier than the beginning of December, it might well have cracked the top 10, but the fact that it’s so new to my ears means that I must treat my early enthusiasm with a degree of caution. Therefore, number 12 it is…

    1. When I saw your post Richard, I thought who the hell are they but as soon as I started the video I realised I’d heard it – obviously a case of 6 Music osmosis ! Really liked it a lot and might have made my list if I’d taken more notice.
      Andy, absolutely love this Mogwai track, best thing they’ve done in my opinion – a sort of Krautrock Sonic Youth. This however seems to be very much a one-off as their newer material more in the ‘post-Rock’ vein for which they are known; but with added electronics. This is a good example:

      1. This is good. I haven’t heard it before, Mogwai tend to float around the outside of my consciousness, with me intending to investigate them more but never getting around to do so. This may prompt me to take some action on Spotify.

  2. I wonder what ods you would have got a year ago on a two piece band from Brighton, with huge, riff-heavy, Zep-esque rock songs combined only of lead bass and drums, being the biggest mainstream crossover success of the year, with their debut album going straight to number 1 ?
    At number 12, I give you, Royal Blood, ‘Little Monster’

    1. I do like Royal Blood a lot, any single of theirs I hear I enjoy, but I do fine them difficult to tell apart. Relating back to an earlier conversation, at least the ‘lead bass’ idea is shaking up the usual guitar rock format.

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