Top Tracks of 2014: Number 13s – Bruno Mars, Kasabian & Simian Mobile Disco



I saw the video for this on MTV a week ago and loved it, played it many times since and thought it should be in my list – Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars.

Not knowing much about Bruno Mars I assumed it must have been released earlier in the year. When researching it for this entry however, it becomes apparent it has become some kind of sensation, is only released this week and bookies have stopped taking bets on it being the Christmas Number One.

I am not sure how many songs released as recently as December have ever featured in my annual lists and I am fairly certain none of us nominated a Christmas number one, but prove me wrong. The Guardian summed it up perfectly when they said “When you’ve spent the majority of 2014 watching one man stand relatively still, occasionally with an acoustic guitar, the return of jazz-hand showmanship is very much welcome.”  Also it has a horn riff that Beggars & Co would have killed for.

I am still bemused by this ‘featuring’ device used on half the tracks on youtube. I suspect that had Two Tribes been first released in 2014 it would be billed as ‘Trevor Horn feat. Frankie Goes To Hollywood’ – or indeed virtually everything on ZTT come to think of it.

Anyway, 2015’s ‘Happy’ is here.

Scroll down for Roy & Andy’s nominations and click here for the rundown so far.


5 thoughts on “Top Tracks of 2014: Number 13s – Bruno Mars, Kasabian & Simian Mobile Disco

  1. If I’m not mistaken, it was the “late-change” song that Fleur East sang in last week’s X Factor that brought the house down, so to speak!

    Anyway, talking of songs that defined my 2014, my number 13 choice was the song that will be forever associated with Glastonbury. After a disappointing fourth album, these Leicester rockers hit back this year with a much more polished effort. A headline Sunday night slot at Worthy Farm saw them unleash their one-word titled canon on an unsuspecting public. Although third single “Stevie” is also a favourite for the beautiful orchestral introduction which is currently being played to death on Sky Sports, I’ve gone for the brave lead single which was unlike anything they’d previously done, and contains the wonderful rhyming couplet:-

    “Everyday is Brutal, Now we’re being watched by Google”. Number 13…

  2. Just to prove there is intelligent life out in Electronic dance land….my number 13 is ‘Tangents’ by Simian Mobile Disco. Unusualy for them an instrumental but you could see this going down a storm in the ‘Orbital’ spot on the Other Stage at Glastonbury.

    1. Whilst we aren’t yet jointly overlapping much at all – just one so far I think – a suprising number have been on my shortlist and this was another on my longlist. Very Orbital like indeed.

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