Top Tracks of 2014: Number 14s – East India Youth, Jack White & Warpaint



This is the soaring ‘Dripping Down’ by East India Youth, from one of the albums of the year, ‘Total Strife Forever’, which was nominated for the Mercury Music Prize. Although it sounds like a band it’s yet another solo artist, a guy called William Doyle who recorded the album at East India Dock by the Thames.  Indeed only one of my seven nominated tracks so far is by a band, come to think of it.

Good to see that in a 16:9 world this video resolutely sticks to 4:3 black and white. Actually it isn’t that representative of the album which has a fair number of electronic instrumentals. Definitely worth checking out, with the epic track ‘Heaven How Long’ a victim of the Mouldycliff rule*

Check out Andy and Roy’s nominations below and the countdown so far here

*Only one nominated track per artist allowed


8 thoughts on “Top Tracks of 2014: Number 14s – East India Youth, Jack White & Warpaint

  1. Sort of lost track of East India Youth after his emergence. This is very Woodkid, don’t you think ? I do like this sort of Dreamgaze/Electronica thing; M83 is an obvious reference point but there’s also a strong Spiritualised influence in this particular track.

  2. You are right, I had not made the sonic connection to Woodkid, but you are spot on – probably why I like it so much. Mind you when I first heard it on the radio I thought it was a really good Bombay Bicycle track. Do check out Heaven How Long, takes a while to get there but well worth it…

  3. My number 14 is ‘Would You Fight for My Love’ by Jack White – as much for the retro video as the song ! I wasn’t bowled over by the ‘Lazeretto’ album, but really like this; trademark Jack with added choral backing and who doesn’t like a good piano riff !

    1. Lazaretto is probably my favourite album that Jack White has been associated with, possibly because he seems to have taken some time with it rather than rushing it out in a lunch break. A great song although the video is a bit dull.

  4. Another track from me that’s about a year old, but again I first heard it just after the completion of my 2013 list, so that’s perfectly acceptable to me! Following on from Roy’s quintet-girl band yesterday, I’ve lost a member and crossed the Atlantic for my choice today. As you will see, I’ve gone for the “Yours truly” L.A. session version, which is simple yet creates a wonderful ambiance. Another of my choices that meanders slowly along, before finishing with a few bah-bah-bahs, and what better way to end a song is there than that! Number 14…

    1. You beat me to it – Slowdive with a bit of an Ian Brown shuffle/swagger to them. Have played the album a lot this year and actually bought it as opposed to on a Spotify playlist. Two-thirds of us are looking forward to Slowdive in 8 days time….

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