Top Tracks of 2014: Number 15s – Pharrell Williams, Teleman & September Girls



I know I may get a lot of stick for this but my next track is a song that was hiding away on the soundtrack to a children’s animated film, before it became something of a sleeper hit and was eventually released. It was absolutely everywhere for the first six months of this year. I give you ‘Let It Go’ from the soundtrack of Frozen.

No, wait, hang on a moment getting my animated films confused there, I mean, of course, ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams from the soundtrack of Despicable Me 2. This was to 2014 as ‘Get Lucky’ was to 2013, played to death but a useful reminder that some things can be both popular and good. It still sounds as fresh as a daisy even after 510 million youtube views, which surpasses even Let It Go’s 377 million. I was exposed to at least five of the latter’s plays as the Frozen track seems to have some magical power as a baby pacifier, with a young mum using it in our local coffee shop to calm her baby down each time it started bawling. This presented a dilemma for the other patrons – which is worse, a crying baby or ‘Let it go, Let it go…’ endlessly repeated on a shrill and tinny Samsung Galaxy.

Anyway, Happy.

What’s not to like? I am sure you will tell me.

Check out Roy and Andy’s choices below or the countdown so far here.

7 thoughts on “Top Tracks of 2014: Number 15s – Pharrell Williams, Teleman & September Girls

  1. Too bad that whingey baby doesn’t bliss out on Happy — next time give it a try! The 24 Hours of Happy site is addictive.

  2. Formed from the ashes of Pete and the Pirates, this London trio have done marginally better than their previous incarnation by reaching number 15 in this year’s list, eclipsing by two places the former outfit’s “Come to the Bar” three years ago. They fit alongside other nerdy indie outfits of the last couple of years, such as Django Django (which I listened to this very morning and enjoyed immensely) and former Mercury winners, Alt-J. As with both of those bands, rather than style they tend to rely on letting their substance do the talking. Taken from debut album “Breakfast” on the very trendy “Moshi Moshi” label, if you like this, I would also recommend their other singles “Cristina” and “23 Floors Up”. Number 15…

    1. Another fine choice and again it came close to my top 20, hindered only by a slight tweeness that made me wonder if it was actually a novelty song a la They Might Be Giants. Not that there is anything wrong with that of course….

  3. My number 15 is ‘Green Eyed’ by September Girls. Four Irish lasses who have perfected a Lush covering JAMC sound; and let’s face it, you can’t really go wrong with a stand-up drummer hammering the beejesus out of a pair of Timpanis !

  4. Very enjoyable. I think you sent it to me earlier in the year and I commented they sounded like the sort of band that would be playing on stage in the Bronze in the background whilst Buffy and Angel look wistfully at each other.

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