Top Twenty of 2014 – Number 16s: Sohn, Jagwar Ma and Future Islands (again)



This is a track that I found via the BBC  Playlister, which has definitely played a big role in shaping my list this year. It was going around in my head and took me a while to track down where I’d heard it. I eventually clicked on – and saved – it when hearing it on 6 Music. The days of holding up a portable tape player to one of the speakers on my radio seem a long time ago now.

Sohn is a British artist based in Vienna and this is ‘The Wheel’ from the album ‘Tremors’ released on 4AD earlier this year, although this track predates that. Shades of Laurie Anderson, which is no bad thing….



7 thoughts on “Top Twenty of 2014 – Number 16s: Sohn, Jagwar Ma and Future Islands (again)

  1. I love the way he is warming up his ‘special dance; even before the song has started, like cranking up a car. Also the still youtube selected for the still video image above could not be more manic.. Obviously a fine choice and the first overlap between our lists so far.

  2. And talking of overlaps, my number 16 artist has managed the unique distinction of having one track included in each of the last three years, with all three coming from the same album! As with my number 19 (Cate Le Bon), this was familiar to me last year, but I believe it was released as a single (if such things still exist in the digital age) in 2014. I certainly bought it this year, which is probably all that really matters. With Courtney Barnett already appearing, it’s proving successful for the people “who come from a land down under” (where women glow and men plunder, so I’m led to believe). Anyway, enough of that, number 16…

  3. Really glad you chose this, as it was definitely a contender for my list, but I wasn’t sure when it was released. It does appear in my 2014 ‘Playlister’ so was clearly on the 6 Music playlist at the start of the year. A fine choice indeed.

  4. Thought it was 2013 so excluded it from my playlist but still a good choice regardless – the new Charlatans stuff sounds not dissimilar.

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