Tracks of the Year: Number 18s – Julia Holter, Johnny Marr & Jungle



Hopping over from Baltimore to LA, this is Hello Stranger by Julia Holter. Very much a song to wake up to on Sunday mornings, which is just as well as Mary Anne Hobbs is where I first heard her and  I checked out the album ‘Loud City Songs’. It is neither immediate, loud or catchy but gets under your skin after a few plays. This live version doesn’t have some of the ambient effects (waves crashing, birdsongs) from the studio recording, it but is great nonetheless. Make a nice cup of key and settle back.

Check out Roy and Andy’s choices for today below.

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5 thoughts on “Tracks of the Year: Number 18s – Julia Holter, Johnny Marr & Jungle

  1. A much more familiar name for my number 18 selection. Taken from “Playland” this was the lead single and coming from a seaside town, as I do, the video struck a chord as it features an Amusement Arcade, which provided much enjoyment in my youth. Not to be confused with the King Crimson track of the same name (see below, with a prize going to anyone who lasts all 11 minutes and 50 seconds!), ironically Johnny’s received no money, easy or otherwise from me, as it was given away free, but I suspect that, being one of the great guitar gurus of the last 30 years, he’s fairly financially secure, so no worries on that score. Number 18…

    And “Easy Money” at Central Park, 1973…

    1. Brilliant single, great album and one of the highlights of the year for me was seeing him at Brixton last month – pure genius.

  2. My number 18 is ‘Time’ by Jungle. A masterful slice of organically created electro-funk with a distinct Parliament/Funkadelic swing. Great video as well, showing that Samuel P Herring from Future Islands isn’t going to have things all his way when the awards are given out for 2014 ‘Dad Dancer’ of the year.

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