Top Tracks of 2014: Number 19s – Future Islands, Honeyblood & Cate Le Bon

Future Islands


From the city that bought you The Wire, my number 19 is ‘Waiting on You’ by Futures Islands. It’s a nice song, with an 80s feel to it, but this performance elevates it to another level. Our second Letterman clip already, this appearance changed their lives.

The truly unique dancing, combined with a voice that – after teetering on the brink-  finally turns into full Napalm death at 3:10, sent it viral. I have watched it many times and it always brings as big a smile to my face as it does to Mr Letterman’s afterwards.

Check out Roy & Andy’s nominations for today below and catch up on our Top 20s so far here….


8 thoughts on “Top Tracks of 2014: Number 19s – Future Islands, Honeyblood & Cate Le Bon

  1. Completely agree – looks like a Geography teacher dancing at a school disco, but captivating. Also this is from their 4th (really good) album, so its been a slog for them; but I always like it when bands/artists ‘make it’ through sheer hard work/longetivity as opposed to just being the latest fad – well done to Lettermen’s music bookers; how influential has his show become !

    1. The worry of course is that Letterman leaves next year. I really hope that Stephen Colbert keeps the same music bookers on, or our lists could have more straight promo vids next year. The official video for this for example is deadly dull.

  2. My number 19 is ‘Biro’ by Honeyblood from their excellent debut album. Two young Glaswegian girls making a tuneful indie rock racket about things they don’t like very much. Particularly love the vocals and understated drumming. This is also likely to be the only time the word ‘plagiarise’ appears in the lyrics of any of our choices.

  3. I really liked ‘Choker’, the previous single with which this share a lyrical similarity. That one had ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ as the refrain, this one ‘All the pain you’ve been through will be the making of you’.

  4. And following on from me is another indie girl with this quirky little track. The hook reminds me of sort of a speeded-up Trumpton or Camberwick Green (for those old enough to remember such programmes) – hopefully you’ll understand what I mean! Although this may well have come out at the tail end of 2013, I say it qualifies as December is never included in the year of the list compilation, so there! Not the most polished of videos and certainly at somewhere rather smaller than Madison Square Garden but featuring the first Le Bon to feature in my lists for some 30 years, and taken from the excellently-titled “Mug Museum” album, “I Can’t Help You”…

  5. Your comment implies that you were doing lists of the year before we started exchanging then in the 90s. This means that you introduced me to the process! I used to do mix tapes, but not as a countdown.

    Good point about December, indeed I also have at least one track from then.

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