Top Tracks of 2014 – Number 20: Courtney Barnett, Kaiser Chiefs & Mastodon

Barnett   Let’s take the dive with my number 20 in our review of the year: Melbourne’s Courtney Barnett. It was a toss up between this one and ‘History Eraser’, but this one wins out, purely as it’s the best ever song written about what it’s like to have a panic attack whilst gardening. Also any song that mentions weetabix is OK with me. This performance is in a teepee at Glastonbury, during a warm summer that seems a very long time ago now. Check out the sort-of-album ‘the Double EP’ for more. Over to Andy and Roy for their nominations below…


10 thoughts on “Top Tracks of 2014 – Number 20: Courtney Barnett, Kaiser Chiefs & Mastodon

  1. Never heard this before. Definitely prefer it when she indulges her more Garage Rock excesses – saw her do a brilliant cover of something for, I think, a 6 Music session – can’t for the life of me remember what it was !

  2. Good choice from Richard to kick things off. “History Eraser” just failed to crack my own top 20, so I’m very happy to see Ms. Barnett feature here. As for my own number 20, I’ve gone for a group whose lead singer found fame with the Saturday evening TV audience courtesy of a revolving chair. No, I’m certainly not referring to Danny from er, The Script (?), but to Rickie Wilson, who, from what I gather, enjoyed passing judgement on other singers whilst exchanging sideways glances with Kylie (and quite frankly, can you blame him?!). Taken from their album, “Education, Education, Education and War”, which I personally found a little patchy, this was the lead single which persuaded me to buy said album. Number 20…

    1. I recently bumped into Simon from the band in a pub in Blackburn before an LUFC game – I assume it was him as all the Leeds fans were pointing and singing ‘Ruby’ in his direction. Quite liked the album, but agree that its patchy and not particularly enamoured with this track .

    2. I like the video, presumably shot on the misty Pennines. At the end I was waiting for their deckchairs to spin around in am homage to the show that helped get their album to number 1. I wonder if he is doing it again next year, or whether it’s mission accomplished….

  3. I was thinking of putting together a Top 20 entirely made up of re-released tracks from the soundtrack to Elaine Constantine’s ‘Northern Soul’ film – but decided that might not be in the spirit of how we do this !
    Instead, and starting as we mean to go on, Mammoth riffage from the mighty Masatadon (and no that’s not Jeff Lynne’s younger brother on bass)

    1. Presses play.
      An afro and a flying V!
      Reminisces about Thin Lizzy.
      An SLF T shirt.!
      Wouldn’t have seen that during the NWOBHM era.
      Josh Homme! It’s another side project.
      Oh. Not him. Could play him in the inevitable QOTSA biopic though.
      Hang on, where’s the singer, is he still in the dressing room?
      Oh it’s the drummer.
      Perhaps the lead singer left after their last double concept album. He will go solo soon, watch out.
      Guitar solo! Wig solo!
      And it’s over
      All in all a solid 2-2 away draw.
      Wonder what the studio audience made of it?

      1. Never been entirely convinced by singing drummers – on the actual recorded track the drummer’s voice is double tracked and phased – sounds like Lemmy-era Hawkwind ! Great thing about NWOBHM was the crossover with Punk – Blitzkrieg used to tour with Discharge and Tank (‘Stormtroopers in Drag’) were formed by ex-Damned guitarist Algy Ward.

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