Incoming: Our top tracks of 2014 start 5 December



From next Friday (5th December) we’ll be running through, debating and contesting our top 20 tracks of 2014.  The ‘we’ being myself, Andy (@mouldycliff)  and Roy (@hughesr64) and a growing band of occasional contributors.

I am sure you will enjoy this, as the one thing you don’t really get at this time of year is lists or reviews of the year. Perhaps our idea might catch on…

Hopefully ours will be more of a conversation, as it certainly has no status whatsoever.

This will be the third year we have done the rundown online after many, many analogue years. The rules are straightforward – we each nominate one track each day.  We don’t compare notes so we don’t know what is coming, other than observing ‘the Moudycliff Rule’ which is only one track from any given artists.

We will be counting down from 20 each day, through to our ‘number ones’ on Christmas Eve.  This year in particular is going to be something of a challenge due to the BBC’s handy Playlister feature which launched this year and means I have over 100 singles to boil down to just 20. Which I now only have five days left to attempt.

Hope the usual suspects and perhaps some new contributors will join in along the way. Stay tuned to the social media of your choice, or sign up to the blog at the top right.

In the meantime here’s last years lists.

Or you could check out the Pleasure Principle, our list of Guilty Pleasures, or Lost in Time for some overlooked classics.


3 thoughts on “Incoming: Our top tracks of 2014 start 5 December

  1. Going to be a tough one this year boiling down my 168 2014 playlist tracks to just 20 – although planning to start tomorrow with something of a bang ! Not expecting much overlap this year – I’ll go for a maximum of 3 crossover tracks in our combined Top 20’s and no overlap at Number#1 – any takers ?

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