Art Tumblr

RM Art TumblrI will be putting some new pictures up on the blog soon, but in the meantime I have gone with a new theme for my art tumblr – see what you think. I put all my stuff up there – good and bad – just after I have finished it, plus the occasional work in progress. It takes a short while to load but shows all the pictures on one page – eventually.

To get there just click the image on the left.


5 thoughts on “Art Tumblr

  1. Thanks, they do have that appended, I need to work out how the user can access that. On the old layout there was an obvious ‘+’ sign to get more info. This iteration, although more appealing, is also more minimalist!

  2. Sorry that Slowdive didn’t appeal. I do like a bit of shoe-gazing but they never really did anything for me. Probably my loss?

    One thing I did see, going on sale on Friday, is Elbow playing Hammersmith Odeon, for three dates in mid-February. Let me know if that interests you.


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