Lost In Time – Day Nine: Hope Of The States, I Ludicrous & Morrissey

Lost In Time


My penultimate choice is from 2004. Is it possible to be ‘Lost In Time’ after just a decade? Arguably even more so, as the recent past is often the least analysed and codified. Is ‘the Noughties’ even a definable coherent decade in the way we think of the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s?

When I first saw this video I was hugely impressed, but despite releasing two fine albums, ‘The Lost Riots’ and ‘Blood Meridian’ Hope Of The States never really made it – either in terms of mainstream success or critical adulation. Perhaps they just didn’t fit into any recognisable musical movement at the time, or perhaps by the 21st century there are no ‘new’ movements or musical revolutions to be a part of – in the digital age we now have a multitude of genres in parallel, available on demand at the push of a button, with all of music’s past and present co-existing on youtube and spotify.

In any case ,their first single ‘The Red The White The Black The Blue’ features the only fiddle solo in our lists so far, but don’t let that put you off. It’s also one of my favourite videos of all time.

If you believe in Parallel Worlds Theory then in some other alternative Earth, Hope Of The States are the secret band topping the bill on the middle night at Glastonbury. Based on this video that isn’t such a daft idea. They could and should have been huge.

As usual, scroll down for Andy & Roy’s choices or catch up on the story so far here.


14 thoughts on “Lost In Time – Day Nine: Hope Of The States, I Ludicrous & Morrissey

  1. A small admin point – their second album was “Left” rather than “Blood Meridian” (I thought I’d get in there before Roy pointed it out!) but I couldn’t agree with you more on puzzling why Hope of the States weren’t more successful. Sometimes it’s good to have a secret little fantasy than very few people know about, and this would appear to be the case with H.o.t.S….until now of course!

    On to my penultimate choice, and as it’s Friday I’m feeling frivolous! So, for the “goldfish-brained” amongst you, I shall remind you that my choice yesterday (White Town’s – “Your Woman”) concerned his infatuation with a lesbian friend, whilst today’s choice originally contained the phrase “lesbian friend” in the lyrics but was later changed to “famous DJ’s sister’s friend”.

    Referencing everything from Friday tea-time 1970’s staple, Crackerjack, through to the Sex Pistols famous gig at the 100 Club to Crystal Palace’s away form, it lists various random activities and boasts of one Ken Mackenzie. My favourite line is…

    And I once had a shower with two American girls. (what?)
    (what? at the same time Ken? Arrrr, that´s preposterous!)

    Originally released on a flexi-disk, it achieved cult status on John Peel’s programme and in the 1987 Festive 50, where it reached number 11. It still makes me laugh, and I hope it does for you too.

    So, with the final Lost in Time selections not taking place until Tuesday, let’s hope the sun shines on your Bank Holiday weekend, and we don’t have to resort to copious skinny Vanilla Lattes to keep us warm!

    1. I Ludicrous, right up there with Half Man Half Biscuit as champions of surrealist indie band humour – great leftfield choice.

      1. Indeed …. and this has prompted me to dig out an old cassette where I’ve got ‘I Ludicrous’ on one side twinned with The Beautiful South’s Choke on the other. Talking of HMHB …I especially loved ‘99% of gargoyles look like Bob Todd’

    2. Of course now you have pointed my error out I can’t go back and change it. Blood Meridian was of course the first single from Left. At least it shows that these blogs are coming directly from our heads as opposed to resorting to wiki. That said, I have been using http://www.everyhit.com to check on chart placings, a very handy tool that does exactly what it says it says on the tin.

  2. Great choice, wonderful band. Burning brightly over two brilliantly creative album albums and then disappearing without trace – shame Coldplay didn’t adopt the same strategy after Viva La Vida.

  3. Funny you mention Coldplay as the retro-military jackets that HoTS wear in the video do seem very similar to those Coldplay would go on to wear when publicising Viva La Vida. Still hopeful for the the new Coldplay album though…

  4. Chronologically, I should have posted this yesterday. ‘Tomorrow’ by Morrissey.
    This was released as a US only single in 1992 and reached#1 on something called the ‘Billboard Hot Modern Rock Tracks’ chart. It was of course, on the very successful ‘Your Arsenal’ album but not released as a single in the UK and thus a quality Moz track ‘lost’ to all but dedicated Mozphiles.

  5. May I post TWO more by way of contrast to the above nuggets ….

    first up here’s Joan Osborne showing that the hit single ‘One Of Us’ from the mid ’90s whilst good and catchy certainly hid the true extent of her vocal talents. Since then she’s effectively been lost to the mainstream but basically the internet has countless examples of her seemingly effortless manner at trying other genres and breathing extra life into other people’s songs.
    A truly underrated artist
    For example …this:

  6. have a look at her version of What Becomes Of the Broken Hearted too …wonderfully assisted by the Funk Brothers

    now here’s Lone Justice and If You Don’t Like Rain, the B-side to 1987’s I Found Love and arguably one of the best B-sides … a forgotten or little known classic, lost in time?

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