Lost In Time – Day Eight: Pizzicato Five, Puressence, White Town & The Wonder Stuff

Lost In Time


Today I’m popping back just two decades to 1994 and it’s my second choice from Japan, Pizzicato Five. They released many many albums and for me sat somewhere to the left of St Etienne with some B-52s and DeeLite mixed in. No hits in the UK but this track is apparently much beloved of Futurama fans as it crops up in Season 4 episode 5 ‘Leela’s Dream’. Also worth checking out are ‘Twiggy Twiggy’ and  ‘Magic Carpet Ride’, but I have opted for the quite lovely ‘Baby Love Child’.



Meanwhile over to Roy:

“A double ‘lost in time’ for today’s selection from 1995 – both band and track. ‘I Suppose’ by Puressence and another of my favourite ever tracks.
By far the best band from Manchester you’ve never heard of, it was just their bad luck to be from that City at the same time that Oasis launched themselves on the worldUnfathomably. huge in Greece and The Balkans, and after four mostly, quite brilliant, albums and a few singles that bothered the lower reaches of the Top 40, they finally called it a day in 2013.”

Scroll down for Andy’s choice or click here for the list so far


6 thoughts on “Lost In Time – Day Eight: Pizzicato Five, Puressence, White Town & The Wonder Stuff

  1. Right, well, if we’re having a bit of a mid-1990’s love-in then far be it from me to rock the boat! However, if I’ve got stick for my previous choices, then surely I’m asking for trouble for selecting a UK number 1 from 1997!

    So, back In the late 20th Century when the internet was something we were all coming to terms with, this bloke (Jyoti Mishra) created this catchy little dittie in his bedroom, in part about his teenage infatuation with a lesbian friend (more about them in tomorrow’s choice!), watched it be a mega-hit on both sides of the Atlantic and looked set to re-write history. Except, unfortunately, he didn’t. Interest in the subsequent follow-up was muted, to say the least, and poor old Jyoti disappeared back to his bedroom to get on with the rest of his life. But let’s just savour the first verse once more, shall we?

    Just tell me what you’ve got to say to me
    I’ve been waiting for so long to hear the truth
    It comes as no surprise at all you see
    So cut the crap and tell me that we’re through

    I give you White Town’s “Your Woman”…

  2. Well obviously I do remember this, but I had not seen the video before.. Was this really the 90s? It seems more recent than that. It is less about chart placing and more about whether the songs have been forgotten. This was a one hit wonder that doesn’t fit any particular genre and I certainly haven’t heard it recently. Similarly, a discarded contender for my list was O Superman by Laurie Anderson, which got to Number 2 in 1981 but I cannot recall having heard on the radio once since, due to it’s length and not being radio friendly.

    Puressence passed me by at the time, but may have been one of the bands that inspired Powder, Kevin Sampson’s novel about an aspiring Britpop band?

  3. Completely forgotten about ‘White Town’ I think I always confused it/him with Moby; was it really #1 ? Heard ‘O Superman’ on Absolute quite recently ! Puressence were never ‘Britpop’ in any real sense ( i.e. no discernible Kinks or Beatles influences) which is probably why they missed out. ‘Powder’ is more likely a pop at bands like Powder (!) or Menswear,

  4. continuing the 90s theme ….
    In 1993, The Wonder Stuff released their fourth (and last) studio album, following on from their commercial peak with ‘Never Loved Elvis’ (inc. Size Of A Cow); and their ‘Dizzy’ collaboration with Vic Reeves. By then they’d become more reflective / mature and for me ‘Construction For The Modern Idiot’ was all the better for being a more rounded blend of different musical styles. As the album was such a departure from what came before, it never received the critical or widespread acclaim I thought it deserved. So, although the chosen track (or it’s EP to be precise) was a hit and reached No. 10, I consider that like the whole album, it was still very underrated. Here’s ‘On The Ropes’ …with about halfway through, Miles singing the wonderful: ‘Seconds out …. Do you wanna know what this fight’s about …. Commerciality over art can’t win out’

    1. Great to hear from Mr Y, with whom I think I am right in saying, I actually went to a Wonder stuff gig at Brixton in the 90s and Vic & Bob did indeed bounce on stage for the encore. I am not imagining that am I?

      What other wonders do you have for us?

      1. That is correct…. oh my, around 20 years ago! What other wonders? Hmmm …please jump back to the present day … 02/05 still, just.

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