Lost In Time – Day Six: The Sundays, The Motors, The Bodines & New Musik

Lost In Time


A short hop into the 1990s now and the B-side of The Sundays single ‘Goodbye’ which was released in 1992. It’s a cover version of ‘Wild Horses’ and I don’t have much to say about it other than it is one of the most perfect tracks I’ve ever heard, with Harriett Wheeler’s vocals in particular simply breathtaking – not X-Factor vocal gymnastics, “look at what a great voice I have” histrionics but sung simply and with plenty of character.

The musical equivalent of sitting on the Sussex downs watching the sun set. Enjoy and then scroll down for Andy & Roy’s choices or click here for the list so far




12 thoughts on “Lost In Time – Day Six: The Sundays, The Motors, The Bodines & New Musik

  1. Harriet Wheeler looks like she could be Clare Grogan’s little sister, which, of course, is no bad thing!

    Anyway, I think I’ve well and truly ploughed the 80’s lost classic furrow, so, in contrast to Richard’s choice. with “furrowed” brow I’ve decided to dive headlong into the 1970’s, possibly before Richard gets in their first? This lot first came to prominence in 1977 with the single “Dancing the Night Away”, which itself would have been worthy of inclusion. Having just failed to crack that all-important top 40 (in the days when being in the top 40 really meant something!), clearly didn’t deter them, and the song I’ve chosen reached the dizzy heights of number 4 the following year. Featuring the vocals of Bram Tchaikovsky (surely not his real name?), I often wondered where the “her” was going when she got to the much-quoted “Airport”. Given it was 1978, Paris in the springtime would probably have been as exotic a trip as it got (not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course!). The opening lyrics set the scene:-

    So many destination faces going to so many places
    Where the weather is much better
    And the food is so much cheaper.
    Well I help her with her baggage for her baggage is so heavy
    I hear the plane is ready by the gateway to take my love away.

    I give you The Motors “Airport”…

    1. Never heard the Sundays track before – definitely better than the Stones original. ‘Airport’ Lost In Time ? Even a cursory listen to Absolute Radio, would suggest not. Bram Tchaikovsky was previously in a pub-rock band of the same name before jumping on the New Wave bandwagon with The Motors – great single though !

  2. I think you are really pushing the boundaries of ‘Lost In Time’, but I am happy to turn a blind eye as I love this so much. It was actually a contender for when we did ‘The Pleasure Principle’ rundown last year.

    One of the first singles I ever bought with my own money, I liked The Motors so much I even bought a single by their bass player, Bram Tchaikovsky, although can’t remember anything about it..

    1. I’m getting confused – The Motors were previously 50% of pub rockers Ducks Deluxe – Bram Tchaikovsky went solo afterwards. Was the single ‘Girl of My Dreams’ which was a fairly big hit in the US ? Good song. Very Cheap Trick-ish.

      1. I can’t recall and my vinyl resides back in my parent’s attic, but it could be that one.

        Interesting fact – their follow up ‘Forget About You’ reached number 13 but is not on YouTube at all, the first track I have ever failed to find on it. So it really is Lost In Time. Perhaps the writer(s) of the Grandstand theme tune felt it breached their copyright. So for the time being I will have to be content with singing ‘Forget about you, now that we’re through’ over this….

  3. I could easily have just selected 10 tracks from the bands that made up the ‘C86’ movement in the mid 80’s. In thrall to the ‘independent’ aesthetic and the 7″ single, these bands did not seek and in the vast majority of cases, did not achieve commercial success, but left behind a treasure trove of perfect pop gems. The best of these and one of my favourite tracks of all time was originally released in 1986 on Creation Records, got to #4 in the ‘Indie’ Chart, was picked up by a major label, re-released and failed magnificently to chart. I give you…..’Therese’ by The Bodines

  4. 2 messages for Roy:-

    1. I never engage in a cursory listen to Absolute Radio…perhaps as an “alleged” radio researcher that’s probably why my career has failed to reach the heights of my colleague (Richard – is this where I’ve been going wrong?!).
    2. Despite the mounting criticism of my choices, I just wanted to compliment you on choosing Therese, which is not only a fantastic choice but the absolute epitome of “indie” (when that term meant something).

    Right, I’d better get my thinking cap on – I don’t want to be substituted with still four days to go…

    1. No mounting criticism, as we discussed in planning this is down to our own interpretation of whether we think a track is under appreciated or not and you choosing Airport has made me more confident about one of my remaining choices.

      I have to confess I listen solely to 6 Music and 5 live, so am similarly hampered on my knowledge of what other stations play.

  5. Absolute is the compromise in our household when we are all in residence;’ between 6 Music, whatever godawful ‘urban’ station my eldest daughter might decide to inflict upon us and Karen’s default Radio 2 setting. My youngest daughter will listen to Absolute as a preference and probably lowers their listener demographic significantly !
    Andy, always happy to hear ‘Airport’ its a great pop song. I thought you’d particularly appreciate ‘Therese’; it was a toss up between that and ‘Ask Johnny Dee’ by The Chesterfields which I’m sure you’ll remember. If you’re wondering, Richard, yes we did see the Bodines at ULU in ’87 !

  6. Here are my three….
    Living by Numbers – New Musik.
    Love Crime – CygnetRing
    If I could talk I’d tell you – The Lemmonheads

    Richard – The Motors – Forget about you:-

  7. My comments have actually led to something being posted on youtube, that’s a first.

    I had forgotten all about the New Musik single and I actually bought it at the time. The lead singer does look disconcertingly like the guy who used to appear with Orville the yellow duck.

  8. The lazy bass player (only using one hand and hence making a mockery of their TOTP opportunity) looks like any Liverpool player circa 1972-1980.

    Incidentally, I have their album “A-B” on vinal !

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