Lost In Time – Day Five: The Daintees, Altered Images, B-Movie & Fiat Lux

Lost In Time


I’m now skipping forward to the late 80s, 1988 to be precise and a performance on Wired – one of Channel 4’s many attempts to repeat the success of The Tube. There are many many tracks I could have chosen from Martin Stephenson & The Daintees. If you are a big fan, as I am, then you could argue whether he is indeed ‘Lost In Time’, but for most people I fear he is lost in the ‘gap’ between the enduring critical acclaim for Prefab Sprout and the commercial success of Deacon Blue. However ‘Boat To Bolivia’ and “Gladsome, Humour and Blue’ are near perfect, timeless albums and last year’s California Star is also great.

‘Wholly Humble Heart’ is the closest the Daintees ever came to a hit.

Scroll down for Roy and Andy’s picks or catch up on the list so far here


11 thoughts on “Lost In Time – Day Five: The Daintees, Altered Images, B-Movie & Fiat Lux

  1. Martin Stephenson is a national treasure, and hopefully in some small way we’re helping the nation to belatedly realise that! A great choice, Richard, and I look forward to our night out with me, you and Martin in Cambridge in 12 days time.

    Right, after the weekend hiatus, I’m sticking to my now tried and trusted formula of lost 80’s classics, today I’m plumping for this piece of Celtic pop. Fronted by the simply delightful Clare Grogan, you tend to hear their two “Happy” songs – “Birthday” and “I Could Be…” but this is my preference as I feel it tends to have been somewhat overlooked. Of course, the keen-eared amongst you will no doubt be pondering whether any other former member of Eastenders will feature in the second half of the chart. Knowing my fellow contributors as I do, my money is on Nick Berry’s “Every Loser Wins” or Anita Dobson’s, erm, big hit appearing at some point in the next five days!

    Just “don’t talk to me about love”…or football!

  2. I am happy to admit that I did have a large Clare Grogan poster on my wall around the time this came out, but had no idea she ended up on Eastenders. I do know she went on to be the original Kochanski – Lister’s muse on Red Dwarf. The point at which Kochanski turns up as a regular character in later seasons and wasn’t played by Clare Grogan was the moment at which the series ‘jumped the shark’ for many people. She is also in a great episode of Father Ted.

    This is shaping up to be the best day yet – no pressure Roy…

  3. I was wondering when Martin Stephenson and Clare Grogan would turn up. I actually had ‘A Day’s Wait’ on my original list – a wonderful and hugely underrated tune. If you can’t beat ’em……….my lost in the (early) 80’s choice is…..

  4. ‘Remembrance Day’ by B-Movie
    This near perfect piece of synthpop reached #61 in the charts in 1981. It remains an enduring mystery how B-Movie, despite being heavily plugged by Peel and Kid Jensen, didn’t have the success of significantly less talented bands and artists in this genre – yes Howard Jones and Thompson Twins, I’m talking about you – maybe it was the politically motivated lyrics or the fact that their shirts weren’t quite frilly enough, who knows

  5. I do remember it, particular the keyboard riff but had not heard it for over 30 years, What an excellent choice. Equally had not heard A Day’s Wait since its release, but it has got me looking at Altered Images compilations on iTunes…

  6. thanks Andy, for choosing this track, I used to have the jacket, the dress, the shoes and the dance moves, but still couldn’t quite look like Ms Grogan!!! actually have this TOTP recording on video, captured at the time. One day I need to get all my videos recorded from the 80s music shows and just have them playing on a loop on my tv, You will all be invited!

    as we are lurking in the early-80s, can I add “Secrets” by Fiat Lux.

    1. It hadn’t occurred to me as I tend to see that as an acknowledged classic, so not particularly in need of a ‘leg up’ but I could be wrong, was it ever a ‘hit’ as such? Perhaps not. Hmmm.

      BTW Feel free to paste in youtube links which will play automatically, don’t worry about pre-empting us…

  7. Great to have Sinders taking an active role in the Lost in Time debate – the more the merrier, I say. And with such informed suggestions too…when you mentioned Fiat Lux most people would think you were talking about the latest Italian hatchback, but for me it took me back to a time when every group Julia Fenton liked, I liked too, and if she extolled the virtues of Dr and the Medics I’d have fought their corner vociferously. With hindsight, of course, as we all know, “Spirit in the Sky” is crap, but the memories are still precious. Right, I’m off to find that Fiat Lux bootleg tape (remember those, kids!). Back later for today’s choice…

  8. In case you are wondering what they’re referring to, here are Fiat Lux with Secrets, which I now do remember…

    I took the ‘brave’ decision to throw all my VHS recordings on a skip five years ago, on the basis that it would all be available on youtube if I wanted it. What I hadn’t legislated for was how crap the quality is, as this clip vividly shows in all its 360p wonkiness.

    “Kids’ Andy? If anyone under the age of 40 is reading this blog I will be very surprised.

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