Lost In Time – Day Two: Pete Shelley, Dusty and Lloyd Cole

Lost In Time


For my next choice in our list of overlooked or underrated tracks I’m jumping forward just one year to 1981 and Pete Shelley’s first single after leaving the Buzzcocks, ‘Homosapien’. It’s produced by the legendary Martin Rushent whose next project was a little album called Dare by the Human League and you can certainly hear him warming up here, particularly in this version. It’s one of the earliest real remixes that actually improved as opposed to simply stretched the original. It wasn’t a hit and a decade later the Buzzcocks reformed, but for me this stands alongside  ‘Love Action’, ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’ and ‘I Could Be Happy’ as one of the great pop tracks of 1981.

Check out Andy and Roy’s picks for today in the comments below or check out the list so far here




12 thoughts on “Lost In Time – Day Two: Pete Shelley, Dusty and Lloyd Cole

  1. My next choice is also from 1966. ‘Little By Little’ by Dusty Springfield. This was a genuine big hit at the time, reaching #3 in the charts but has been overshadowed by the iconic pop hits and torch songs from later on in her career. Dusty has often been credited with introducing a UK mainstream audience to Motown and this song ranks with the best from that label.

  2. Two very different selections there. I absolutely love “Homosapien” – an inspired choice.

    Right, for today’s offering I’m going back almost exactly 30 years, when this “classic” (in my opinion!) debut album was released. “Perfect Skin” gets plenty of exposure, so that doesn’t really qualify as a forgotten classic, so instead I’ve gone for the final track on the album. The title asks us a very important question, and if we decide that we are, then we must accept the consequences. Surely it’s better to give oneself a chance of happiness, even if one has to take a little gamble into the unknown?

    Well, that’s what I think he’s getting at, anyway!

    So, courtesy of German TV…

  3. I don’t recall hearing that before but it is really rather lovely. He has a very distinctive voice, but in the video looks uncannily like Jimmy Carr!
    Interesting that we seem to be excavating in complementary timezones thus far…..

  4. thank you!! this is just brilliant. As i had serious school girl crushes on both Roddy Frame and Lloyd Cole (still do!), nothing of theirs will be forgotten in my world! though I’m surprised at somewhere in my heart -I think i hear that more on the radio than any of their others. and thanks Rich, I have re-found the Motels. I heard it recently on 6 Music and just stopped dead in my tracks. Definitely a song for this countdown. I’m thinking of stuff to suggest. My first one would be Friends Again – “Sunkissed” They were around the same time as Aztec Camera, and Janice Long used to always play it on her Saturday evening show on Radio 1. happy days!

  5. Great choices Mr M!…you will have me scurrying through my 80’s vinyl boxes tonight. The Pete Shelley album was great…also great track from it …Qu’est-Ce Que C’est Que Ça (had to cut an paste as my French is still on the merde-side.). How about Bourgie Bourgie and Breaking Point?…

  6. Mr ‘Borwn’ that is really spooky as one of my tracks that didn’t make the cut for my final ten was by their lead singer Paul Quinn himself, which conveniently gives me the opportunity to post it here. It’s by Paul Quinn & The Independent Group and in its nine minutes battles between genius and being completely overblown and settles for a score draw:

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