Best of 2014 so far…



We’re now over three months into 2014, so here are some of my favourite tracks of the year so far. Some may make it into my end of year list, whilst others may well overstay their welcome, but at the moment I can’t get enough of these…



This first track has certainly been occupying my mind as I woke up humming it a few days ago. A bit of a change of direction for The Villagers, reminiscent of Empire period Kasabian:


Another catchy hook in ‘Digital Witness’ from St Vincent, aka Annie Clarke. In the early 80s this is exactly how I thought music would sound in the 21st century…..


Klapp Klapp is probably the best thing that Sweden’s Little Dragon have done, which bodes well for their interestingly titled ‘Nabuma Rubberband’ album:


LA’s Warpaint haven’t really been on my radar so far, but their current album produced by Flood is fantastic and this is the standout, ‘Love Is To Die’:


I loved the first Broken Bells album but have yet to check out the second, however all three singles lifted from it so far have been great, most recently ‘After The Disco’:


Like Warpaint, Wild Beasts have been around for a while without me noticing. This has a real driving disquieting urgency to it, ending up at with a great hook at the end:


Next up, some Scottish hip hop from Young Fathers. ‘Get Up’ seems to be on 6 Music all the time at the moment, but I don’t have an issue with that


From slightly further afield this is from Melbourne’s Courtney Barnett. ‘History Eraser’ has shades of early PJ Harvey:


Possibly the most commercially successful band on this list so far, Bombay Bicycle Club had their first number one album this year, although Luna from the album peaked at only number 78:


Blue Moon from Beck doesn’t necessarily break new ground but is lively to listen to, a ballad on a list of mostly upbeat songs.


‘Doing The Most’  from RDGRNGLD (from DC) is a collaboration with both Pharrell and Dave Grohl. Recommended to me by Roy, a frequent contributor to this blog, I can’t understand why I haven’t heard it once on the radio!


Finally a lovely video that accompanies New York Morning by Elbow. This features the story of a couple who met at CBGBs. The album is still growing on me, as Elbow albums tend to do..


So that’s it – not a bad first three months.

7 thoughts on “Best of 2014 so far…

  1. All really good choices (apart from the Courtney Barnett track which I find incredibly irritating and the Beck track which is a bit dull). I would add the following:
    – ‘I’m Aquarius’: Metronomy
    – ‘Green Eyed’: September Girls
    – ‘Faith’: I Break Horses
    – ‘Little Monster’: Royal blood
    – ‘Swarm’: The Bohicas
    – ‘I See You’ : The Horrors
    – ‘Gina Works At Hearts’ : DZ Deathrays
    – ‘Fever’ : The Black Keys
    – ‘Lost Boys and Girls Club’ : Dum Dum Girls
    – ‘Out Of The Black (Into The Blue’) – Neneh Cherry ft Robyn

    1. Well I couldn’t find decent videos yet for Bohicas and Horrors, but both of course are wonderful. Royal Blood track is great, Black Keys leaves me fairly cold at the moment. Metronomy/Dooleys we have already discussed. The others I will now check out as they haven’t shown up on my radar. Good to see Mary Anne Hobbs up for a Radio Academy Award, best show on 6 Music by a country mile.

  2. Thx for keeping me up to date on new music, though I must admit that nostalgia won out. My favorite was Elbow’s New York Morning. I spent 1/2 my life on Bleecker St. The “street” in the video is probably St. Marks/8th, but there was a ton of great music on Bleecker and Houston!

    1. The Elbow video is lovely isn’t it, although the subtitles can be a bit distracting. Are Elbow vaguely heard of in the States? I know that Guy Garvey relocated to NY for six months (hence the song) to write the lyrics for a ‘King Kong musical’, but perhaps the lack of success of Spiderman on Broadway put paid to that project.

      I did once spend a week back in the 80s sleeping on someones couch on Mulberry St which is the same sort of area isn’t it?

  3. Possibly the oddest occurrence so far this year is Leeds angular Punk urchins, Eagulls, popping up on Letterman with this:

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