Sunset over Venice and Boston – Three Oils

I thought I’d post the end product of an painting I finished just this week, as I haven’t posted much so far this year.  It’s an oil on canvas 24″x 20″ that was done from a photo that I took whilst at the ASI conference in Venice last November. We arrived via a water taxi just as the sun was setting and the main dome you can see is the Santa Maria della Salute, which sits near the bottom of the Grand Canal.

Venice Sunset 3

Arguably this rounds off a trio of paintings of sunset over water – the first two I posted here last year and were both taken from photos I took attending a Kantar event at the Kennedy Library, looking back across the bay towards Boston. This is a bigger canvas, about 30″ x 20″

Boston Sunset RM

And a different view slightly later in the evening. 20″ x 18″, again oil on canvas….

Boston Flag 2

I tended to work fairly quickly on these sunsets, working mostly wet on wet and trying not to get too bogged down in detail. The Venice painting took about three hours across two sessions, the first Boston four hours, and the ‘flag’ painting two and a half hours one evening at my art class.

Finally here’s my original photo that I took as the basis of the Venice sunset..


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