Top tracks of 2013 – Number 3



My numbers two and three have been shuffling position in the last couple of days, but I am now going to play the inevitable Arcade Fire  ‘Reflektor’ card now and await the inevitable ‘snap’. I did dismiss Afterlife, the follow up, as a B Side, but actually it grew on me so much it nearly displaced this, but the video just about edges it.

I don’t understand some of the mixed reviews of the album. To me it is their Sandinista: inventive, varied, but much more focused and a huge improvement on The Suburbs, which I never got my head around. This and the Beady Eye/Sitek project show the value of bringing in an inventive producer/musician to reinvigorate things…

So what cards will Andy and Roy reveal….?



4 thoughts on “Top tracks of 2013 – Number 3

  1. Couldn’t agree more about ‘The Reflektor’ album – a tour de force, a band in their imperial phase,not willing to rest on their laurels and prepared to push the boundaries. Have to agree to disagree about ‘The Suburbs’ – an absolutely faultless album in my opinion.

    My number 3 is ‘Pale Green Ghosts’ from Attitude’s man of the year, John Grant – already charted by Andy and I’m sure yet to come from Richard. If 6 Music could have invented a singer-songwriter then John Grant would have been it – he ticks so many boxes. Very much looking forward to his Cocteau Twins/Banshees inspired follow up album.

  2. Two fine choices and I hope my number 3 will meet with similar approval. Having had virtually no new material over the past 20 years, it was a treat for me when “Bagboy” was released earlier this year just to hear the combination of Black Francis’ esoteric vocals and Joey Santiago’s guitar. Of course, as with any favourite band, whenever you hear new material it’s always judged by what came before, and after the initial excitement, the aforementioned “Bagboy” didn’t quite deliver. However, with the release of EP1 the Pixies released a track which had all the hallmarks of why they are such an influential band – strange, disturbing verses allied to a sweetly sung chorus, with guitar, bass and drums providing the menacing backdrop. This song really fitted in well amongst their back-catalogue when I saw them in Hammersmith, and that’s why it’s worthy of the bronze medal in my list. Number 3…

  3. Pixies are one of my favourite bands of all time and next to The Smiths, the best live band I’ve ever seen. I agree wholeheartedly that EP1 was a big return to form – ‘Another Toe in the Ocean’ is my favourite track but just missed my Top 20, which is a measure of the quality of new music in 2013.

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