Top Tracks of 2013 – number 4




Gary Numan‘s long- awaited Splinter album finally surfaced in 2013 and whilst there were two more ‘obvious’ singles lifted from it, this for me was the standout track and one of the best things he has ever recorded, a truly haunting track that really needs to be on the soundtrack to a movie. It was great seeing him do it live last month.

This is ‘Lost’ – accompanied by a very well suited fan-made video. Please do listen to this all the way through…

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7 thoughts on “Top Tracks of 2013 – number 4

  1. Ah, the inevitable Numan track, I was wondering when that was going to appear! Right, for my number 4 it’s yet another group who invariably feature in my end of year lists (I’m nothing if not consistent!). I’m somewhat of a sucker for tracks that build slowly and finish in a rousing crescendo and this fits the bill perfectly. However, when you first hear Karen O’s vocals there’s little hint that three minutes later you’ll be swept along by a Gospel choir chanting the title. Taken from the album “Mosquito” this was a brave composition and thoroughly worth its lofty position in my countdown. Nine months after first hearing it, it still send shivers down my spine, and that can only be a good thing! Number 4…

    1. Again a fine single and again, nearly in my top 20. Any song that ends in a gospel choir is aright with me – apart from Papa Don’t Preach with which this video shares some similarities.

  2. Snap !! My number 4 is also ‘Sacrilege’ by the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs.
    Fortunately I’ve got the Letterman performance to show you; notable for the Broadway Inspirational Voice Choir and Karen O’s increasingly bizarre choice of haute coture stage wear.

    1. There’s no doubt ‘Lost’ would be a huge commercial success for Numan if utilised in some US medical/teen drama or released as a ‘single’ (do such things have currency anymore ?). However there are, in my opinion, probably three better tracks on the album – in particular the hugely impressive film-score like album closer ‘My Last Day’

    2. I assume this is the Letterman clip referred to earlier?

      So, as we expected, as we reach the summit we are starting to converge. WIth three to go, at the risk of spoilers I know that one of my top three has already appeared, one I am sure will be in at least one other top three ( or should that be ‘premier trois’) and the other I am quietly confident will be unique to me. Time will tell.

      Actually this is resembling a game of Cluedo as I think I can guess at least two of the cards left in the others hands……

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