Top tracks of 2013 – Number 5



This track has turned up on soundtracks everywhere this year, as dramatic music on the X-factor,  on trailers, but here it is in all of its full glory:  ‘Run Boy Run’ by Woodkid.

Woodkid is Yoann Lemoine, a French video producer who has done stuff for Katy Perry and Lana Del Rey, so of course his own videos are superb. I defy you to say that you haven’t heard the opening chimes of this one somewhere this year. Nine million hits on youtube, but it still didn’t get in the Top 40.

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5 thoughts on “Top tracks of 2013 – Number 5

  1. Love the Woodkid track, a great choice. As for my number 5, I’ve gone for another artist who’ve appeared in previous years. No less an indie demi-god than Noel Gallagher suggested that the future of the galaxy depended on these Aussies. I feel that’s going a little far, but they are capable of great, trippy dance music, although, and I know I’m in danger of sounding like a broken record, the album from which it came didn’t grab as much as I’d hoped. They do a 6 minute version of this (which I thoroughly recommend), but I’m sticking with the radio-friendly version here. Number 5…

    1. It is strange how many songs that nearly made it into my 20 have nonetheless made it into yours, which is good. Like a couple of tracks this year it does feel like it was recorded many years ago, this time in Madchester…

      1. I can recommend the Woodkid track to Margaret, as I’ve had it on my running playlist for most of the year; particularly good at the start of a run to get your pace up.

  2. My number 5 is a very late entry, ‘Peace Sword’ by Flaming Lips. Nobody does sci-fi psychedelia better than the Lips, so no surprise that this comes from the new Enders Game soundtrack. The addition of an Mbv influence takes this track to another level and is possibly the best thing they’ve ever done.

  3. I have heard this a few times over the last couple of weeks on – of course – 6 music It is pleasant enough, although I preferred their song that was used as for a car ad during the Superbowl back in January:

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