Top Tracks of 2013 – Number 6




Primal Scream have already featured at number 10 on Andy’s list ( almost as much of a turn up for the books as Roy nominating Prefab Sprout), but this second single from ‘More Light’ edges out the track ‘2013’ for me. A return to the ‘Moving On Up’ territory, I played this to death in the summer.

2013Scroll down for Andy and Roy’s choices or click here for the list so far


3 thoughts on “Top Tracks of 2013 – Number 6

  1. Merry Christmas one and all! My gift to you is this gem from a Basildon band that have been, pardon the X-Factor parlance, on a rollercoaster for the last 30-odd years. Lead singer Dave Gahan’s passionate vocal delivery reaches new heights on the first single taken from the album “Delta Machine”. Enjoy the festive video…

  2. Fine album but I’d have also gone for ‘Soothe My Soul’ which was a Top 20 contender.

    My number 6 is ‘Jubilee Street’ by Hove’s finest Nick Cave – why his metaphysical lyrics aren’t on the English Lit national curriculum, I’ll never know

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