Art Project 5: The Wire – Hamsterdam and The Baltimore Sun

This isn’t an art course project but something I did at home as I continue to learn how to use oils.. I was stuck for something to paint one day and happened across a coffee table book about The Wire which had some interesting photos in it from the set. So I did a couple of paintings from them and may do a third so I have a ‘triptych’. Both are oil on canvas and about two foot square.

The first painting is from season 5 when Bubbles (Andre Royo) gets a job as a newspaper seller for the Baltimore Sun. The billowing weather protector he is wearing does make it look like he has a pin head, but I quite liked the focus in the original picture on one pre-occupied individual in an urban landscape

Wire 2

The second is Officer McNulty ( Dominic West) visiting a crime scene at the site of what will become Hamsterdam, set up in season 3 as an ill-fated safe haven for drug use. I  liked the desolate, overcast rainy feel in the original picture.

Hamsterdam 2

Stay tuned for a third (possibly)




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