Top Tracks of 2013 – Number 12


Now when I posted a clip from Letterman back at number 15, I said another performance from that show was on the way at 12 and Roy speculated that we may overlap on this one. It was Roy who first alerted me to the wonders of Deltron 3030‘s Event II, referred to here by Letterman as a ‘hip hop supergroup’.

This is my favourite track, ‘City Rising From The Ashes’. If you’re going to appear on live TV, always attempt to outnumber the studio audience….

Scroll down for Roy and Andy or catch up on numbers 20 through 13 here.

7 thoughts on “Top Tracks of 2013 – Number 12

  1. Sci-fi Hip Hop at its finest; obviously love this (although there are better on the album – its that good !) but not the track or artist I thought we’d overlap on ! The guy on the decks is Dan The Automator from Gorillaz fame.

  2. By complete contrast, my number 12 is by a Swedish post-punk band who obviously have a fetish for Joy Division videos. Great thing about this track (from their very impressive sophomore album ‘Forever’) is that its ferocious Killing Joke-isms do an about turn into a Link Wray surf rock number towards the end. I give you ‘Meditations’ by Holograms

  3. Right, it’s been awhile coming but here is my number 12 selection. As you’ll see, some neat black and white shots of New York accompany the lyrics in this video, so be prepared for “The glove’s are off, the wisdom teeth are out. What you on about?” I’m not entirely sure but hopefully lead singer Ezra Koenig will be able to shed some light on it. I wasn’t very keen on lead single “Diane Young” but having listened to previous album “Contra” a lot over the last couple of years (it’s on heavy rotation when I’m driving the family around) I thought I’d give “Modern Vampires of the City” a try and I’m very pleased I did. Whilst somewhat darker than its predecessor, it continues to possess some great melodies and interesting lyrics, and you can’t ask for more than that! Number 12…

  4. Great choice – It’s a lovely song and very nearly made it into my Top 20 as well. One of the developments of 2013 on youtube seems to be the ‘official lyric video’, often used as a placeholder till the final video is ready – e.g. Katy Perry’s Roar which showed the lyrics as text messages. I remember buying Smash Hits just to get the lyrics, so what goes around comes around….

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