Top Tracks of 2013 – Number 13


At the start of the year I would have given you pretty long odds on Beady Eye featuring in my top twenty –  I have always been a loyal Noelite.

However the less than imaginatively titled BE album is actually very good, with a number of standout tracks including Flick of The Finger and this, the lead single, ‘Another Bite Of the Apple‘. Dave Sitek has worked wonders in producing a sound that moves on from Oasis.

2013This performance clip is intriguing – Beady Eye performing on The Voice results show. It reminds me of a mash up someone did of John Lennon appearing on The Voice, but Liam is actually there. So are the judges also there or were the edited in afterwards, nodding away approvingly? A couple of shots seem to indicate they were present, which really does seem bizarre, although we don’t get to hear whether Tom Jones particularly appreciated the lovely echoey horn breakdown towards the end…..

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6 thoughts on “Top Tracks of 2013 – Number 13

  1. Agreed that Dave Sitek worked wonders on the second Beady Eye album as I didn’t care for their first effort at all. However I’d have plumped for ‘Flick Of the Finger’ which was the pre-album release and just missed my top 20.

  2. My number 13 is ‘White Noise’ by Disclosure which appeals to the old Faithless raver in me – in fact its so 90’s rave I half expect Terry Christian to pop up in the video !

  3. 23 tracks in and our first artist overlap, if not of the actual track as I went for their collaboration with London Grammar. I can see the appeal. I doubt they were even born when Voodoo Ray came out, so for us at their age this would be the equivalent of being influenced by Jailhouse Rock. A scary thought: Anarchy In The UK came out 20 years after Heartbreak Hotel. This year’s music came out 22 years after ‘Smells like Teen Spirit’…..

  4. My number 13 was a group that was much-hyped in the popular music press at the end of 2012, and a bit like the Peace album, I thought there were some enjoyable moments without being totally convinced. One of those was this single, which has some interesting elements like the whispered “cats” from the title and the lovely “you got me dancing in the sun” refrain. I’m not sure about the Red Indian yodelling at the end, but we’ll forgive him that. The “unlucky for some” number 13…

  5. I remain unconvinced by Palma Violets – all the ingredients are there (including judicious use of mellotron) but not really heard anything to make me want to rush out and buy their stuff or see them live.

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