Top Tracks of 2013 – Number 14


So now we come to a touching tale of a children’s TV clown called Fuzzy. Will love save him from a Krusty future at the bottom of a whisky bottle?

Yes, it’s Eels, an ever-present in my lists over the last decade or more, with Feeling Kinda Fuzzy, taken from their fine Spring release, Wonderful Glorious.

2013By the way, I saw Eels three times at three different venues on the tour this year but missed the famous incident in which a clown got his own back, also posted below.

Meanwhile scroll down for Roy and Andy’s picks, or click here to see the countdown so far.


6 thoughts on “Top Tracks of 2013 – Number 14

  1. Like Richard, I too have gone “State-side” with my number 14. I’m by no means a massive fan of QotSA, although there’s no question they do produce some fine foot-stomping rock. Josh Homme is the kinda guy that men want to have a beer with, women want to sleep with and the Arctic Monkeys want to be when they grow up. Air guitars at the ready now!

  2. Good track from a fine album – really enjoyed seeing them again in Brighton, probably the most singularly entertaining band around at the moment.

  3. My number 14 is from another Moshi, Moshi artist. ‘Know Yourself’ by Nothankyou. This definitely has the Moshi Moshi signature i.e. trademark, highly infectious warped pop – a sort of electronic Sugarcubes. I know absolutely nothing about the band other than I nearly didn’t include them because of their terrible moniker.

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