Top Tracks of 2013 – Number 15

Holy ghost

Dumb Disco Ideas’ by Holy Ghost! is at number 15. They are a Brooklyn-based band who released a much longer version of this track that is worth checking out, but I posted that during the year so here is a considerably shorter version. We will be returning to the Letterman Show for my number 12.


Scroll down for Andy and Roy’s choices, or you can catch up on the countdown so far here

6 thoughts on “Top Tracks of 2013 – Number 15

  1. As for my number 15, I’ve chosen something from this Brummie outfit. Their album, In Love, I was eagerly anticipating at the start of the year. Although, it does have some fine moments, and I would certainly recommend listening to it, it didn’t quite grab me in the way I was hoping, but that probably reflects more on me than them.
    Number 15…

  2. The Holy Ghost ! track is annoyingly reminiscent of something else that iI can’t put my finger on (Herbie Hancock ?). I’ve got a feeling your number 12 is the same as my number 10 !

    Another good choice Andy – very Ride – I had exactly the same response to the album, so its probably them not us !

  3. For my Number 15, something completely different – its Eight Rounds Rapid and ‘Channel Swimmer’.This is Wilko Johnson’s son’s band and there is definitely a Feelgood’s vibe going on – its also probably my favourite video of the year.

  4. Yes, I remember you put it on ‘This Is My Jam’ earlier in the year and it’s a grower. Good to see that the offspring of rock stars aren’t rebelling against their parents by becoming bank managers.

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