Top Tracks of 2013 – Number 17


I don’t usually focus on the videos to the tracks I pick in these countdowns. Partly because I don’t watch music TV much, partly because after 30+ years of mini-epics it’s hard to do anything that has the impact of a Two Tribes or Vienna. However I do really like this video – ‘Nothing Changed’ by Villagers. The ‘singer as narrator’ approach works well and the visuals really match the tone of the song. At the end you are left wondering – did he dream it or does it not change his life anyway? Did nothing really arrive?

Scroll down for Roy and Andy’s choices. You can click here for the countdown so far.


7 thoughts on “Top Tracks of 2013 – Number 17

  1. Good video – pretty ordinary song.

    My number 17 is ‘Colours to Life’ by Temples. In a year where neo-psychedelia seemed the default setting for most new guitar bands, these shaggy-haired scamps rose to the top of the pile.

  2. I was expecting the Villagers track from Richard, and I was delighted to see the Temples track from Roy, as it just failed to crack my own top 20. As for my number 17, I believe we have to venture over to Cymru, as they are fond of calling the principality. Taken from the album “Ships” on the critically-hip label of Moshi Moshi, another simple but effective video, here’s my number 17.

  3. Cymru IS the name of the country – ‘Wales’ is the anglicised version – the welsh name for England is ‘Lloegr’ which roughly translated from old Welsh means ‘lost lands’. What this has to do with the track I’ve no idea !

  4. finally i remember sth i like from this year. Thank you. Temples! and Rich – i reckon it’s real and he’s just plotting a major massacre…..

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