Top Tracks of 2013 – Number 18

2013At number 18 I am going for another instrumental – ‘Says’ by Nils Frahm. Now I know what you’re thinking – nine minutes of a guy with headphones playing a keyboard, life’s just  too short – but once it gets going all sense of time is lost and if you think you know where it is headed after a few minutes, you’re wrong.

nilsI first got into Nils with his Screws album (available for free here) which he wrote and played whilst recovering from a broken thumb, with necessity being the mother of invention of some beautiful melodies. However on the excellent Spaces album, out last month, he has both hands in full effect. The only reason it’s not my number one is that I only heard it for the first time two weeks ago, and didn’t want to skew the list to things that are top of mind.

Afterwards, scroll down for Andy and Roy’s number 18s..


9 thoughts on “Top Tracks of 2013 – Number 18

  1. Right, before embarking on my number 18 selection, I just wanted to back-track about my number 19 choice. The Charlie Boyer song sounds unbelievably like Simple Minds “Life in a Day” era. And to back-up my thoughts, I give you…

    Ok, back to number 18. I love the Nils Frahm track Richard chose, as it reminds me of Tangerine Dream, which obviously is a vote-winner for me. My own number 18 is somewhat shorter at a shade under 3 minutes. Once again, my lack of knowledge is disappointing, although I will make the observation that he looks a bit like Marcus Brigstocke. Number 18…

  2. A track that takes 4 minutes to get going is getting far too close to Rick Wakeman territory for my liking – but interesting nonetheless in a subdued Mogwai sort of way.

    My number 18 is ‘Bonnie Brae’ by Harper Simon. Those expecting polygot African rhythms or wistful folk from Simon Jr, will be disappointed. Even if the track wasn’t up to much (which it most definitely is) it would be worthy of a Top 20 entry purely on the basis of the lyric ‘you came over with your jacket over your shoulder, made you look like Patti Smith’

  3. Not sure I have heard that before, but it does sound very 6Music, not that this is a bad thing. Sadly it is overshadowed by the Simple Minds clip. Back when Jim Kerr could only afford a pudding basin haircut from his mum…

    1. I was just thinking the same thing !
      Having initially ‘missed’ Kraftwerk (and before Tubeway Army) ‘Life In a Day’ is the first properly ‘electronic’ song I remember buying.

  4. Rich – i couldn’t get beyond 4 minutes! I did sit and watch the Simple Minds clip, though- happy days! and again Roy, you win for no18. The 19s – Andy’s choice gets my vote, and Roy, i didn’t get beyond 30 seconds on your choice. can never be anything but an old fashioned rock chick!

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