Top Tracks of 2013 – Number 19

2013At number 19, I am going for the Disclosure collaboration with London Grammar called ‘ Help Me Lose My Mind’. It is getting a lot of airplay but seemingly there’s no official video, perhaps as it’s the umpteenth single from the album. Here is a good live (ish) video from the album launch party though. A definite early 90s Electribe 101 feel to this one, which is no bad thing. I must dig out my copy of “Talking With Myself’ sometime.

Afterwards, scroll down for Andy and Roy’s number 19s..


5 thoughts on “Top Tracks of 2013 – Number 19

  1. I must confess I don’t much about Disclosure (was it nominated for the Mercury Prize?), and I don’t know much about my number 19 either. To me, his voice sounds uncannily like someone from 30+ years ago, but that’s probably why I like it. As we have two of the greatest musical minds in our midst, I would be surprised if you didn’t think the same as me. Let me know who it reminds you of and then I’ll reveal my own thoughts afterwards. Number 19…

  2. Not over keen on the Disclosure track – I prefer their Faithless/Chemical Brothers impersonations. Andy, I really like Charlie Boyers & The Voyeurs but hadn’t actually heard this – very good indeed. His voice is very reminiscent of Tom Verlaine from Television.
    My number 19 is from RDGLDGRN – there’s nowhere near enough smart, sonically interesting, hip-hop around. As they are from Virginia, I’ll put the manu and chelsea shirts down to ignorance and susceptibility to the power of global marketing.

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